Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm in a funk.

I don't want to do anything. I know I need to pack but I don't want to. I started but...well, I got the books put in a box and sealed up. But mainly, that's all.

I have too much on my mind right now. I have a ton of crap that needs to get done. I'm a little bit (a lot) irritable. I just want to sleep for days and THEN tackle everything that needs to be done then.

On top of this, Dom tells me he wants to buy SKINNY JEANS and I just can't see myself taking him to any type of department store to do this. Have you guys seen these kids with skinny jeans on? I know I have. I'm not seeing how this is attractive (not that I want to see my son in that way) but I'm just not ready for this transition.

So, I looked to Angel for some kind of insight on this topic. I figured we could converse and weigh the pros and cons of this whole thing with Dom and his fashion sense at the moment. I text Angel (he's at work).

ME: Dom wants skinny jeans.


See, told you we could get this straightened out like civilized adults. He saw it my way and we have decided.

At the moment, Dom will not be purchasing skinny jeans.

Why? You ask?

Well, I see the level of development that my child is at. I know he is 13 and 13 yr olds should be able to take on more responsibility concerning their attire. At this point, to me, his main responsibility is his grades (I know it's summertime and no one is in school). As long as year after year I have to stress over him and worry that he may not make it to the next grade because HE just decides not to do his schoolwork, I will be making clothing decisions.

He's been told. He is fully aware of the fact that all he has to do is keep his grades up (by actually completing his schoolwork) he will have full freedom to dress how he likes and wear his hair as long as he wants (within school guidelines).

Until then... Mommy dresses.



Cyn is going back to the valley. My live in "nanny" cousin is going to be returning to our grandmother's house. I'm really sad about it. I liked having her here with me and the kids. I have been running it over and over in my head to think of ways that she could stay longer. I can't come up with any productive reasoning.

I've been stalling on all of the specifics. She will be leaving with our van to the valley to pass the van off to my mother. My mother will then make a round trip back up here and come and stay with me for a week and a half. During this time, she will be packing my house for me (see, told you I'm a slacker).

Next week (the 22nd) We will be driving all of our vehicles to the Valley to start moving into our house there (which will formerly be my mother-in-law's). Once there, we will be setting up everything there. I will be out of town from the 22nd through the 27th. Then I will return and work for 3 more weeks with my job (until Aug. 15th).

During this time, I probably won't be blogging because I will be so busy.

Now, now.. you three people who read my post. No crying please. I will be back.

Remember, this is in the future so no crying right now.

One thing I am happy about is the fact that I am rarely doing any housework. I'm talking about dishes, dining room and living room. My kids are doing this for me. One of the reasons I love my kids.
The key is to get them while they are young and naive. They'll think doing dishes is fun.

See those nice smiles right there? That is their "doing the dishes is fun" look.

Although, lately, I'm starting to see them less frequently.

Do you think maybe they're catching on?


Insane Mama said...

Ahhh, I'm totally in a funk also, so agitated, for no reason. I hate packing and sometimes procrastination and doing it at the last second is the only way to handle big things.
Good Luck

Shelby said...

WOW. That could be the longest post I've ever read. I don't even know what to say, so much happened in that post.

Oh wait, here's a good comment.

SKINNY JEANS?! Wtf? I thought skinny jeans were for girls. Am I that out of touch?