Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Longest Day

So here is what happened on the longest Day. (I figured that if you all can post a million pics... including pics of can I)..

I took the kids to the skate park. Devyn and Dom had a ball. Miah wasn't so happy because it was hot and she isn't much of a skater (or bicycle rider..she refuses).

We went to eat at Peter Piper Pizza but I didn't get any pics there. Too many kids running around and I couldn't get any one kid to stay at one place for too long.

We came home and had cake and watched 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' (I was too exhausted to take them to the friggin dollar movies).:

Here are the fishing pics: (go ahead and gag now...Jared).

Miah was making sure to keep track of all of the fish we caught (10 or 11 total). We didn't keep them, we just threw them back (go ahead and sigh in utter disgust...Jared)

Here is my (nanny) cousin, Cyn, who I appreciate so much for just sitting here all day with the kids and giving me peace of mind:
Needless to say...our night didn't end until almost 1 am.

Here are the kids sleeping into the 11's:
And lastly...I must be losing my mind to get another rodent (in fact I got for Miah also) I can already anticipate nights where I will be having to chase after these suckers in the house...This is just one of them but they are soo cute:

*The End*


Heather said...

It sounds like such a fun birthday!!

Shelby said...

You should not be chasing down rodents who are out because children have left their cages open. That should be the responsibility of said child.

I know, I know, your a mommy and it's what mommies do. Heck, my dad just rescued my puppy from lostness.

P.S. I wish my mom had been more like you, you throw kickass parties and do kickass things.