Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well, today I am just pooped.

Angel went to work this morning and I slept until almost 9. I tried to sneak around the house to see if the kids were asleep but they weren't. They weren't even in their beds (except for Devyn, he's gonna grow up to be like his mommy...a bum). Miah and Dom were in the living room watching cartoons. Something I learned about here.

I figured I would laze around all day bouncing from couch to bed and back as I saw fit. I would watch TV, veg-out, and snooze.

Didn't happen that way.

Miah came to me showing me Devyn's hamster tail. She had been bitten by her roommate and the tail looked bad. So bad in fact, that I looked online at my bank statement to check out the date I purchased her (I couldn't find my receipt and I only had 2 weeks in which to return her or the other if need be). I didn't want this rodent getting all infected on us and kicking the bucket and making my kids sad.

Instead...I opted to go to the pet store we bought her from and just buy another cage (there goes $35 bucks) to make the kids happy and let the hamsters be apart.

There goes my lazy day.

I get up and shower, make the kids breakfast (french toast and scrambled eggs), then the kids and I head out. We get there, get what we need and leave. I'm thinking, "that was easy" but then I'm looking at my kids (mainly the boys) in the mirror and realize that we needed to make an emergency stop. We had to get to the barber shop. These boys needed a haircut BAD!

Usually, I let Angel take care of these types of situations that concerns the boys and their hair.

but..........ANGEL IS A SLACKER! I've been 'mentioning' to him about the boys and their hair for weeks now.

I couldn't look at them anymore without thinking they were going to run away at any second and put together a 'Beatles cover band'. I was really a little worried.

See what I mean??

Anyway, here's what the boys look like now:
Ahhhhh.....much better!

I also found this old picture of Devyn when he used to have lots of hair.

I get home wit the kids and we watch a movie. Angel calls me and tells me that he is out of work and he's at the Jettys catching bait (that actually means that he was fishing). Whatever.

Now I can actually lay down and take a nap knowing that, at least, something got done this weekend.


Tiffany said...

That picture of Devyn is so adorable! We keep The Boy's head close to shaved for the summer.. just easier.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

My boys havent had a haircut in 8 months, and someone called my youngest, 'a sweet little girl' last week at the store. I like it long though.
We have another hamster also, named vicious, because hes a mean little shit.
we also have a new puppy named shelby. a pit bull pup, your married to a mexican guy so you should completely understand this.

Anti-Christ in Training. said...

hamsters have tails?
i like the baby pic of devyn, too cute.