Tuesday, July 8, 2008 the RESCUE!

Alright, so, I went to work and Angel stayed home with the kids because Cyn was out of town for an appointment. Trust me, Angel was not crying about missing work. Guess where he took the kids.....YES, FISHING and to the beach. I swear, my kids are going to become fish.

I get out of work and just want to come home and lounge but the apartment managers are having brand new tubs installed. There is crap everywhere and there was no chance of lounging. I go to Jenn's house and hang out with her for awhile. Then Angel calls and asks me where I was.
I told him where and he was hinting that he wanted me to go over the beach. Now, has anyone been watching the weather channel? You would know about Bertha coming close or at least in our general direction. Hopefully it's a long shot, either way....Angel has my kids at the beach like some crazed surfers.

I tried to get out of going there but I felt bad because he said "I want you to come and keep me company". I know he is leaving next week Monday for Presidio and so I went. I never even got a chance to get out of my scrubs because there were so many guys in the house. Plus, I figured that if the weather started to get rough then mommy will be able to grab the kids and run.

This is what I saw as I came up on their spot:

Let me add that the weather was rainy off and on and it rained on me three times on my way over there. I asked Angel if it had rained there and he said "nope, it's been going all around us." I kept telling him while I was there that it was going to rain. I said it over and over. Do men actually listen....NO.

Yeah, Okay, lets see how long that will last.

I get there and there is seaweed EVERYWHERE. Gross. It's starting to get much cloudier and cooler. The tide is starting to rise and the kids are still playing in the water (I'm telling you, its going to rain, and my kids still look like crazed surfers looking for the killer wave).

Now, remember, I'm still in sneakers and scrubs so there is no way I was getting close to the water. The tide was still rising all the way to Angel's truck (I had moved mine far away so that it wouldn't get wet). I had an excuse not to get too close (I didn't want to get my sneakers wet) and I was happy about that.....until....

Angel found something that totally killed my excuse. It's my fault really. I was the one who put these things in the back of his truck in case of "emergencies".


In the end.

IT RAINED and Angel had to grab the kids and put them in HIS truck (wet) because they were getting cold. I was right. My words of wisdom wasted on the man who never listens. Of course. I was the one who had to help him gather up all the stuff and re-pack his truck because of my special galoshes. I came home to make sure the coast was clear and our tubs were ready. The kids stank.

Angel has two appointments tomorrow. I bet he runs off to the beach...again.


Mama Dawg said...

Haha! If men would only listen to us, they'd be much better off...for the most part!

Melissa Lee said...

The beach??? Where do you live?

There's nothing that rings truer to me than a story where a man did the opposite of what a woman wanted and in the end, the woman was right.

Although I must say you looked lovely in your little get-up.

Thanks for coming to check me out. Are you gonna come back or do I have to beg?

Melissa at Stretch Marks

Melissa Lee said...

Oh, look! Just checked my email and there you are in all your glory!!!

You came back!
You came back!

I'll pay you $10 later for your faithfulness.

Love your blog (adore your sarcasm),

Selfish Bastard said...

you know my thoughts on fishing. fish. and well, seaweed is the form of sushi.