Thursday, July 3, 2008

Guess who I saw!!!!!

First let me start the story out this way:

I get home from work and take a nap. Cyn has already left for the valley for this holiday to visit with our family. We had major plans to go too but it would cost so much to spend the whole weekend at the beach there. (especially taking two vehicles...we would have to take two because if at any time I get swarmed by mosquitoes...I AM OUT OF THERE).

Anyway, regardless, we didn't go.
After she left, I watched TV with the kids and then decided to take a nap. As I was napping, Angel called me, while he was on his way home from work, saying that he was hungry and wondering if I were too. (his way of saying he wants to go OUT to eat). We went to a restaurant (buffet) and this is who we saw:


Yes, it is SO him!

Golden Corral must be the place where he comes and stuffs his face so that he can fit into that red suit. Now, the thing about me is that I see Santa ALL THE TIME. I often let people know that they remind me of Santa. Yeah, so what that I'm 35 and I see Santa....jealous? Yes, Christmas is my favorite time of year and when I see Santa anywhere else (no matter what my mood is that day) it gets changed to sheer happiness.

Santa lights up my life. The moment I saw him there walking around I KNEW I had to get a pic as proof. I tried to send Dom with my camera phone to take a pic, I even tried to explain how to be inconspicuous...he didn't get it. He walked over there giggling and came back with no pic saying, "You're turning me into a STALKER!"

I tried to send him again but Santa walked right past him and sat down at his table to eat his dessert. (cookies probably). Anyway, I couldn't take the chance of not getting a pic so I told Dom, "Give me the phone, I'll do it." Angel kept looking at me like I was crazy but never said a word. (nothing he could do would stop me anyway).

I walked over and tried to act nonchalant while messing with my camera. I finally got behind a juice maker and snapped this photo. GOT HIM!!

It took everything inside me not go bum rush the guy, sit on his lap and tell him about what a good girl I've been. I respected his privacy...I do want presents!


NOW...people won't think I'm crazy!



Heather said...

You are SO not crazy. I see him all the time too and can't help but at least go stand by him and hope he talks to me. name is Heather and I'm a Santa stalker. I'm with you, sister.

Have a happy Fourth of July!!

Insane Mama said...

Christmas IS the best and if you didn't take a picture I would be worried. Santa is the best!
Happy Fourth

Anonymous said...

Shiela...this is Vicki... whenI growup I want to be the best blogger...just like you! I loved reading yours... and it is soooo pretty. Thank you for hooking me up to this blogging stuff.Love Vicki