Sunday, July 13, 2008

My mom is coming.

Let me start by saying..I LOVE MY MOM.

I'm going to tell you a little bit about her before I go on.

1. My mom is the most generous person in the world (she will also ask EVERYONE of my friends for money... on the DL of course). Um..for those of you..DL = Down Low

2. She loves to hang out with her friends at "work" (she calls going to BINGO "work").

3. She is a wealth of knowledge. Just ask her anything. (that's because she will totally make up, on the spot, every story she tells you).

Really, though.

She's a pretty crazy lady. I do actually have to warn my friends, in advance, not to lend my mother any money. No matter what her sob story is. She has continuously cornered a couple of my friends (along with my husband) and asked them for money for my dad's meds or something. I warn them ALL the time.

She is totally a Bingoholic. She never pays her bills on time because she never has any money, BUT...she will have to get to go to 'work' aka Bingo (she loves to call it work and claims that one of the ladies there pays her to help with the cleaning before and after work bingo). LIE.
Everyday..TWICE a day, she will be at work bingo.

Sometimes she says that one of her friends wants her to be there to play some of the cards for her and she will pay for her cards. LIE.

She gets to work bingo in time to buy her cards, sets them up and smokes several cigarettes and waits for work bingo to begin. When work bingo is over, she is out of there like bullet. There is no hanging around and cleaning up being done by her AT ALL.

She loves to make up stories and pretend she know the answers to everything.

One time she told my sister-in-law (who was pregnant at the time) that when I (me) was pregnant, she could hear my baby crying from inside the womb. WHAT?!? Oh please! Yea, my sister-in-law and I had a really good laugh about that one.

She'll go to NY and visit my brother and tell him all kinds of stuff and he will call me and confirm any information she tells him with me. We know how to handle these types of situations.

Yes, this is the type of woman I am telling you about, people. This is the woman that I deal with.

Still, this is the lady who is coming up to pack for me help me pack.

That's one (of the many) thing I can definitely count on my mom for. She can come and have this whole house packed in 2 days. She was married to a military man so moving is her thing.

I will keep you posted on our adventures or any more stories she makes up while she is here.


I paid the kids this morning for their chores.

Dom got paid the most. $18.00. Mainly because I started him back on his allowance...$15.00 a week plus $3.00 for working with me at work in the activities department.

Miah got paid $5.00 for her weekly allowance and $3.00 for chores.

Devyn got #5.00 for allowance and $4.00 for chores.

Right now, they are pretty happy kids.

I realized I'm gonna have to sit Dom down and explain the importance of not spending half of his money at the convenience store. Which he did. On junk.

Anyway, I need to get to work and start throwing stuff into boxes so it doesn't look like I haven't done anything when my mom gets here.


Heather said...

Your mom sounds like such a character!

Greg said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh you should have some great MOM stories for us, huh?

My sister is addicted to bingo too! Funny thing...she really did get hired where she plays! They have some machines or something, not sure what she does, but she loves her job and yes, she stays after to play bingo now, LOL

Tamara said...

Thanks for the great read--your mom sounds like a riot. Good luck with the move!