Sunday, July 27, 2008


OKAY... so that sounded a little bit dramatic.

I know this was no Katrina..but still.

First, I want to thank all of you who came by to wish me safety while I was enduring this Hurricane Dolly or Dotty or whoever (I keep hearing different names on the radio and the weather channel).

It's all such a looooong story so I am going to give you the condensed version.

MONDAY: I only worked this one day this week because I requested off the rest of the week to move and get the kids settled in The Valley. As soon as I got out of work, I went with Angel to get a U-haul (which turned out to be more money than we thought) and (still in my scrubs) we (he and I) proceeded to load EVERYTHING from the apartment into it. We finished and drove off. We arrived at 1 am.

TUESDAY: We unloaded the U-haul and returned it. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law hadn't moved anything out of her house (the house we were moving into to) so we unloaded a house full of furniture INTO a house full of furniture. She claimed "she wasn't sure if we were really moving in or not"... Whatever. I wasn't able to set up the house and put things away so they are in boxes and just placed everywhere.

It was then, when I realized I couldn't do anything in the house, that I looked online on my phone and saw that I was featured on SITS. Talk about elated!! I tried to go through and read all of the comments but then it was getting late and around 4pm we lost all power around the Valley and cell phone communication was lost shortly after. It didn't matter. I was happy. I was able to get to a computer before all of that to write the previous post, though.

WEDNESDAY: Rain. Wind. Scary situations as the Hurricane came through. Here are a few pics: These were during the day.

Check out the palm trees.

This is the vision when trying to drive.

THURSDAY: I was scheduled for an interview with a home-health company right down the street from my house but the people who worked there lived in Harlingen. They were stuck there because the highway was flooded and they couldn't get through and their phone lines and electricity were still down. I went to check out how everyone (thing) got through the Hurricane.

This is a tree in my yard that crashed down into the fence.

This is a tree that was uprooted in my parent's yard right in front of the house.

FRIDAY: Came down with a horrible stomach virus that has me sitting on the throne pretty frequently and well, just consider me Queen for the weekend. If you don't know what I mean by sitting on the throne.... (toilet).

SATURDAY: Finally got a call that most of the stuff had been moved out and I went and started setting up so that we could sleep there.

SUNDAY: I got my computer set up so that I could post and NOW...I have to drive back to Corpus for 3 more weeks to finish work. Then I will be home for good.

Thank you all for my SITS day!! I really needed a pick me up during my moving time and that stupid Hurricane. I see now how people can become comment junkies. I was totally excited to see how many people came and commented.


I will tell you about my new job offer as soon as I finish my interview with them. I am super excited about this job. Best thing about it so far.......COMPANY VEHICLE! Also, it lets me continue working with the elderly but in their own homes...which means they are higher level patients and I just need to make sure they continue to be safe and not laze around doing nothing.

I will try to make time to visit each and everyone of your blogs so that I can get a chance to check you all out and comment back.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Well that looks pretty scary! Glad you made it out ok!

Insane Mama said...

What the? I didn't even know you were that close to it! Wowzer!

Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly said...

busy life. Glad you made it through the hurricane safely. Hope you enjoy the new house. And congrats on being a featured SITS blog.

Mommy Cracked said...

Oh glad you guys are ok!

Cherlyn said...

Glad you made it through OK. =]

Mama's Losin' It said...

Glad you all are ok! Jared had posted on his page explaining why you were off the blgo radar for awhile. Might I suggest moving AWAY from the hurricanes...

Dirty White boy said...

Sigh. I dont see anywhere where you say, 'I emailed Jared photos of the hurricane that he posted, thank you Jared'!!
But..whatever. I wont whine about it. At least, not anymore.

Im glad everything worked out for you, and you guys are okay!

Maternal Mirth said...

Holy cripes! Stuff like that just adds, doesn't it???

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled here..every new hurricane cures me of my desire to live near the gulf. We still have so many Katrina relocaters around here, and I just can't imagine losing soooo much. Glad you and yours are okay. Your children are beautiful..I'll be coming back.