Saturday, February 28, 2009

Got Breakfast?

Lately, when I visit my patient's houses, their family members are always trying to feed me.

I dont' know how many houses I have eaten at (no, not in one day) since I've worked with this company.

I learned from one lady that they get pretty offended if they offer you something and you turn your nose up at it.

I was informed that one nurse visits a patient that we have in common later in the evening between 6-8 pm. They are usually having dinner around this time so, when she shows and they offer her dinner, she turns them down with a look of disgust on her face (this is all told to me from the daughter of my patient).

They think she is stuck-up or grossed out by the faces she makes when they offer.


I've decided that here (in Mexicanville) I won't be offending ANYONE! I've said. I've been fed numerous times.

The most common is Tamales.

Because I work at my own schedule, I prefer to start work as soon as I drop the kids off at school. This way, come 2-5 pm I'm either already finishing or finished work.
I like to have the rest of the day to myself.

As I said.....

Early in the morning, the majority of my patients or my patient's families are usually eating breakfast and it's usually Tamales.

One time, my patient was cooking when I arrived.

She was making Chiliquilles
with a side of refried beans.

Now, this was one time that I wasn't able to have breakfast. This lady was tearing up her corn tortillas and cooking them in her pan, she crumbled queso fresco onto it and it looked GOOD.

The couple of things that made the decision for me about not being able to enjoy her breakfast.....

1. The amount of salsa verde she poured right over the whole thing (it was about 2 cups).
2. The amount of oil she used for her refried beans (probably about a cup).
She said she was making it for her granddaughter (who is 26 yrs old) because she was on her way over with a hangover. This was apparently her hangover remedy.
Well, I didn't have a hangover but I knew that if I ate, I would most likely have some digestion problems throughout the rest of the day. I can't afford that if I'm driving all the time.
I hope they enjoyed their breakfast.
About 3 times a week my patients are offering me food.
Yesterday I gave in and ate 2 tamales. They were so good.
Two tamales won't ruin my diet.....right?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another diet strategy...UPDATED!!

So I communicated with Jared (Capricorn) a few days ago.

He advised me on a different kind of diet that consisted of Lemon/water and Cayenne Pepper/water.

I don't know if he remembers telling me about this "diet" before. It was sometime last year. When he told me then, I was like, "What? For 2 weeks? No food?...I'm going to die of starvation!"

Then I started thinking about the Cayenne Pepper and how it might burn coming out the other end if that is all I'm having to "eat" for the next 2 weeks. scared ass didn't try it. Instead I sat around and chomped on anything I could get my hands on. (Not the best diet strategy, I must say)

So when I asked him again about it and he gave me more specifics I was able to understand exactly how to do it.

Alright. I'm ready.

I have my "ingredients".....Water...

... Cayenne Pepper......(for my "soup")

And I've already pre-squeezed my lemon juice into the bottle with the water. I'll carry these around with me while I work. (my lips are puckering already)

Take a good look people. This is officially my last meal for the's try for 2 weeks.

I'm not promising anything.

I'm still a little worried about coming out of this thing hooked up to an IV due to malnutrition but I'm not stupid. If I feel faint...I'll eat an oyster cracker and stay on track.

How's that for motivation?!

Also, I'm still working on kicking Honkeie2's ass in this little competition cause he punk has YET to post a scale pic.

Get on it, dude!!

Here's my current weight. Sorry for the crazy looking pic. I took it this morning and it's hard to stand on the scale evenly while trying to take a pic of the numbers without tilting over. Also, my digital camera battery won't charge...unless it's the charger. I'm working on it so I took the pic with my cell phone:

My current weight is 169.0 lbs.

I'm down about 2 lbs from my last weight post on Tuesday.

Let's hope I'm not dying the next time I post.

Wish me luck.


In other news. Dom has started writing in his blog again. Check it out.

From what I read.. I think he has a message in there for you Jared.

He's been talking about wanting to go to work already for quite a while. Angel and I have been talking about letting him get a job. He'll be 14 in April and he's been doing SUPER at school and doing his work. The only problem we have is his mouth, but he's a teenager and I know that is something we will have to deal with (that includes all of the kids).

We decided to let him work. I will open a bank account for Dom and he can have his own money.

There's other subjects that we've talked about but they are not in the final stages yet.

Like: Child support money, a car...etc.

We'll see. He's getting older and we are waiting to see a certain level of maturity before we can go on with Plans B, C, D.... in Dom's life.

Miah and Devyn?

They're still young.

I do have plans for Devyn though. He's going to be my athlete. I'm going to be the Chunky Soup Momma. I'm going to be right by his side at everything he does.

Miah...DIVA. She's my princess...and getting more and more like her momma everyday. We crack up at the same times for the same things. I'm still trying to figure out what she's destined to do. She refuses to learn how to ride a bike.

Anyway. I'm rambling. I had some cancellations for therapy today so I had some time to kill. Now it's killed...gotta go to work!

Have a good day everyone!



Are you wondering how my 1st day went??

Here's a hint.........................................FAIL!!!

I totally was rocking the lemon juice and water all day until I picked up Dom from school at 2. Then I had to wait an hour before my next patient and I was sitting at home with all those cereal boxes staring at me.

Stupid cereal boxes!!

They were going DOWN!!

Then Angel got home from work and brought Salads.

So yesterday is officially scrapped.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

I need to call on the powers of The Force or Mr. Miyagi OR SOMEONE to help me through this. Who knew the urge to eat was going to be that overpowering?

Today...I stick with it.


I know Jared, ...I know no one is making me do it. I just want to try it....see how long I will last and if I lose any pounds in the process. I think I may actually be losing brain power. eeek.

Obviously, I need to try harder.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Vet Visit...

So...I had to take the dogs BACK to the vet yesterday morning because we noticed the night before that they had taken their staples out.

They weren't even bandaged. Just stapled.
Of course the dogs didn't really think anything of it but c'mon!
There was an incision made all the way through to their internal organs and they were jumping around and playing with this big open gash on their bellies. BOTH OF THEM.

I was a little horrified that their guts were going to be flopping around hanging while they played.

Anyway, I took them back and they bandaged them up...pretty crappily I might add.

The dogs are fine as you can see from the pics...

Here they are in the back of MY truck.

I got them home. This is Venus.

Here is Miah and I with Serena.

Apparently every night I'm going to have to re-bandage their tummies so that the cut will close and heal.
This sucks.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This weekend was a weekend of getting things done.

First, let me tell you about what's changed in our household.
My father-in-law is chillin with us for awhile.
We won't get into details.
I like him being here because he is fixing things.

My kitchen sink used to barely dribble water out of the faucet and he and my uncle Benny installed another one and now it works. Now the kids can wash dishes without complaining about the water pressure.

Remember those beds I was telling you about?

Well, they finally got done.
That's right, Baby!
Having 2 construction workers in the house sure has it's benefits.

Dom's bed

Miah's Bed
Devyn's Bed.

Very simple beds? Yes. I just wanted them to be off of the floor. I can't stand to sleep on matresses on the floor. My kids shouldn't have to.

Another thing we did this weekend was get our dog's "fixed". It was cheap too.

(So cheap that I'm thinking of taking Tattoo in to get HIS pellets popped off.) This one is Venus. Poor girl. The dog's were so drugged when I went to pick them up. I felt so bad for them. I know they must have been scared and in so much pain.
They had a rough ride on the way home in my uncle's car.

They're less frisky so I'm going to take advantage of it and love on them all I want.
Of course, today...this morning when I went out to check on them, they nearly knocked me over and they went right back to gnawing on my arms.
They're fine!
DOWN TO BUSINESS....................................

Alright, Honkeie2...
Like I said in my last post. This may be your chance to make a come-back.
I obviously overindulged...(a little).
Current weight: 171.2
Previous weight: 167.8
Current weight *gulp* ...gain: 3.4 lbs.

Guess I'm back to my stupid healthy shakes.
No more Valentines cakes and goodies and fudge and huge sweettart bags that were on sale for .75 at Walgreens.


Back to thinking about the treadclimber again.

Quit stallin Honkeie2 and hurry up and post!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


For those of you who have known me since ...well...since the beginning of all of my blogging know that I've always had a problem with Angel actually celebrating holidays with me.

I don't mean Christmas or Thanksgiving.

I mean Mother's day, Valentine's day..even our Birthdays.

It's just not something he get's into.

Remember THIS post? That is my very first post.

Then there's THIS one. And how my days ended up.

I know all of this sounds like bitching on Valentine's Day but I just want you to know that I've placed the post in here that shows my husband's true nature. Even though it has nothing to do with holidays.


This is the post that I read to remind myself (sometimes) why I love the man I love.

This year. When I got home...This is what I got:

P.S. Honkeie2.....There goes my diet. You may start catching up after this weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UPDATED: How much would you pay....


It's a '94 Land Rover.
Angel found it in the papers.
It's 4 wheel drive. Clean. Runs Great.
Supposedly cheap on gas and he was really itching for something that he could use back and forth for work (and to take the kids fishing at the beach).
Take a guess.
How much would you pay?

(Remind me never to ask questions again)
We bought this truck for $2500.00.
It runs. Angel has already taken it to work.
The kids love riding in it.
I have yet to ride in it.
I'm going to pull the same card that Angel pulls on me all of the time.
"It's YOUR truck. I don't want to drive it. I don't want to ride in it"
(even though I secretely do)
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. He keeps asking me what I want.
I really don't know.
He is asking me for a Shop-Vac.
uhh....doesn't he see his big 'ol RED V-Day present sitting outside in the front yard?
He said "We can share the Shop-Vac"
Yeah, Riiiight!
I'll figure out what I want when the time comes.
It's gonna be GOOOOD too.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Partied like Rockstars.

Alright. I know. It's been long enough.

Time for some updates.

First things first. Honkeie2, you ready for this?

My official week's weigh-in is:


The scale reads: 167.8
That brings the total loss for this week is: 4.4 lbs
Starting weight was: 185.0

Grand Total being: 17.2 lbs lost. In 3 weeks

Now, I don't know what an "average" weight loss per week is ...but long as the scale keeps reading lower and lower each time I get on...I'm sticking to my routine. Which really isn't all that different from what I was usually doing (except of course stuffing my face every chance I got). The only big difference is I only eat as much as maybe Devyn would each meal. (Sometimes Devyn can be a pig, talking about "I want 6 hot dogs"....... so I usually opt out on those days.)

I'm "consuming" less sugar. Drinking more water.

Now, as far as the exercise goes. *chuckle*

I'd like to say that I've started some rigorous exercise routine and threw in some running and crap....not likely. I could say that I've been walking on my tread climber like I had said I would be doing more diligently *snicker*....but as I've said before..."That would be Lies. All Lies."

Um...I'm taking less naps...that helps...I guess.

Anyway. Whatever I'm doing...I'm sticking to it!!


My company gave me free tickets to the Ice Hockey game that was in town. My company actually owns the team so we get free tickets anytime we want.

We took my brother in law and our nephew. We had a blast. The beers were, of course, 6 bucks for a 24 oz. But we got lucky because during the games they announce "Power Plays". These Power Plays are blocks of time. If our team scores during that time...the beer is $1.


The PPs were working in our favor.

(can you count the number of skulls in the pics?)

The first 1000 or so people to show up got free stuff. YOU KNOW HOW I LIKE FREE STUFF.
This game was the yellow flags. Each of us got one.

I've gone a few times and gotten free stuff. One time, Angel made us late. I missed out on fleece throw blankets. I was pissed.

Believe me, it never happened again.

The kids love coming to see the games. Mainly, they just like sitting in the seats and eating popcorn. (Don't ask what's going on with Devyn's facial idea. Kid gets weirder and weirder...)

Before all this we were at the house. The kids were playing Guitar Hero World Tour. Miah's not a big fan of this one because these drums have the cymbals. She liked the drums from Rock Band. So she sits in the back just watching the boys.

Devyn likes the guitar. They always look so serious.


We all came back to my house so that the adult males in the family can make fools of themselves. I honestly don't remember Angel taking the mic. I had given up and taken my ass to bed. I don't know what time it was but I had to crash.

Miah and I took off and left all the men awake.

I woke up at 5 am and Steve had already left.

Angel was sitting in the computer the computer...trying to play "Mafia Wars" on Facebook but was obviously unsuccessful because he was passed out on the keyboard.

Devyn was sprawled out on the couch.

Dom had managed to make it to his room.

My house looked like these boys pretended they were trashing a motel room.

Beer cans were EVERYWHERE.

A drumstick was broken in half.

Trash. Shoes. Clothes. Flags. Everything everywhere.

If you want to see the real life chaos......check it out HERE. It's highly embarrassing (for Steve, anyway) GO STEVE! YOU ROCK!



Now, as for Angel....

You see this cute little bed we have here?

Well, I purchased 3 of them. For about a month and a half they have been lining the floor of my hallway. I've been pushing Angel to put them together for me but I should have known better. Angel isn't good with written instructions.
He decided to come home and start on one of the beds. He moved the mattresses out into the hall and got to work taking all of the pieces out of the box.

Then...a piece fell. It broke. Figures. He started looking through the instructions to find out what to do with the broken piece. The instructions say to send it in and they will send a replacement. YEAH RIGHT!!

And have everything laying around just like this until it gets here:

Like I said....YEAH RIGHT!!

I went to Walmart and got some wood glue and some black duct tape.

Back to work, baby.

This is what the bed looks like by the time we sent the kids to bed:

There's still the headboard/shelf that needs to be assembled. Either way. It's Angel's job.

He's working for this used Range Rover he found and wants. I'll tell you all about it next time.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My babies!

First things first.

Here's my current weight. I took it this morning because when I got home from Houston, I STILL had to take care of someone else's unfinished business. It's like I never left at all!!


Ta Da!

According to the scale: I am down 3 lbs since the last weigh-in.
Current weight: 172.2

I know you all are wondering exactly how I STILL lost weight even though I was on "vacation".

Let's just say...there wasn't much food consumed during those 4 days.

Truthfully. I am planning on taking another trip to Houston in a couple of months. I think I am going to try to visit my friend Lisa every chance I get.
Valentines Day is coming up and I am already on the ball. I've already purchased some Valentines for Miah and Devyn. Dom is a little too big for Valentines. I will take him to get something special for someone when he is ready. Right now, at 13, I don't think he is passing out invitations with candy attached to them anymore. BTW, he is still posting on his blog (when he gets a chance) check it out.
Check out what I got:



Alright Jared. I know what you are going to say.....SKULLS? AGAIN?
That's right, baby. Skulls again. Miah loves them.

Also... (J) This is for you too. I know how you like to rag on me about me bragging about my babies and then 2 seconds later...bitch about them.

My "babies" are now 6 months old.
They are huge.

Angel with the girls.
Venus and Serena

These dogs are wild. They are too playful.
This is their "play" mode. It's loud and vicious and people driving by probably think that we are fighting dogs.


Also, one of the blogs I like to read is from Maternal Mirth.

THIS POST from her is hilarious and I crack up everytime I read it!