Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Jenn and I returned from Houston safely.
We had a GREAT time. Too bad it's over!
There were 4 of us girls in all.
One of Jenn's friends "Q" came in from Dallas to hang out with us this weekend.
One thing that was consistent about our trip was............


Not once or twice.....several times.

PASSENGERS: Jenn and Sheila
TRAVEL TIME: About 2 hrs longer than it should have taken.
We had no problems getting to Houston. In fact, we were on the right path so long that we actually passed our exit to Lisa's and ended up in Conroe. We had to turn around and find the right exit. She mentioned the "water park" but it was night time. We didn't see no damn "water park".
THAT RIGHT THERE....that little overdrive past our destination pretty much set the pattern for the rest of our trip.
SECOND DESTINATION: Convenient store
PASSENGERS: Jenn and Sheila
TRAVEL TIME: We should have just stayed home.
The next morning we wanted to pick up a few things from any near convenient store. We were in a sub-division with very big houses. We had to find our way out, down the road to any store, turn around and come back to the house.
We ventured out slowly. We rounded the block know....make sure it was a block.
So after only making lefts, we decided we would be brave and make a right turn....out.
We did. Then as soon as we make that right, we come to a 4 way stop. We should remember how to get out of these houses, all we have to do is back-track.
Let's just say...we ended up taking ALL 3 of the remaining directions before we realized that the last one was the way we were supposed to be going.
It was like that the whole trip.
THERE'S A THIRD DESTINATION and "Q" was with us on that one. She was no help at all. We STILL got lost. Of course, after that she never wanted to ride with us again.
FOURTH DESTINATION: MD Anderson Hospital (Jenn's mom was in the hospital there and we went to see her).
PASSENGERS: Jenn and Sheila
TRAVEL TIME: What? You mean PLUS the 2 hours we were lost?
This trip was supposed to be easy because we were given a map. (Yes, we have mapquest and all that stuff on my phone but we were following the "easier way to get there" directions that were given to us by several individuals.
In the end. We ended up on the Sam Houson Tollway because we followed someone's advice to take Beltway 8.
We spent about $12.50 on that damn thing.....trying to get OFF.
We were all over the place. 610 this...I10 that...59 what?
It was soo confusing.
We finally found it.
When we left.
We ended up on the Beltway.....again.
Jenn and I should not be allowed to roam the streets alone. Not even with each other.
I'm not going to go into much detail at all about the trip cause it's all kind of a blurr.
Here are some pics to "highlight" the trip.
Here's Jenn.

Here's Lisa.

Here's Me.
We were hanging out in the yard enjoying the morning.
Lisa was a little crappy because Jenn and I are early morning risers. We woke up at 6 wondering when Lisa's girls were going to get up for school so that we can get up and mill around the house too.
When everyone did get up and get ready we had to go and wake up Lisa. She thought we were crazy. Shit...we didn't come here to sleep.

This is Q.
This chick is COUNTRY.
I mean HEE HAW country.
She's crazy though.

Here we are heading out to hit up some little bars.

Notice I'm not driving.

We were putting gas. . .

Jenn wanted to stop the pump on 30.00 without going over.

Obviously, she did it.

We made it home without getting lost.

I guess we just needed to travel on EVERY street in Houston in order to know where we were.

Like all of my touristy pictures? Yeah, I know. Pretty boring pics. That's because these are the only pics I can show without incrimating myself. HA HA.


I will definately get to eveyone's blog and comment as soon as I get a minute to settle down.

I will also be posting my current weight as an update here but I can't do it now because Dom called me from school. He isn't feeling well. I need to see if I can get him seen at the Drs if so...then I need re-arrange my patients so that I can take him.


Andy said...

Wow you got lost that many times? You were lost more than you were found, the Amazing Grace of road trips, if you will.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Glad you found your way back!

~Sheila~ said...

Yes. Actually lost. Not panicky lost like we were in the dessert but you know.

Mom Taxi Julie:
Thanks. I kind of wish we didn't find our way back but then who will care for my kids?

honkeie2 said...

Love the pictures.....but I was hoping for a flash or at least some skin...hahahaha!
And one word on the getting lost....GPS! Well that actually is 3 words made into one but still....get it!