Saturday, February 28, 2009

Got Breakfast?

Lately, when I visit my patient's houses, their family members are always trying to feed me.

I dont' know how many houses I have eaten at (no, not in one day) since I've worked with this company.

I learned from one lady that they get pretty offended if they offer you something and you turn your nose up at it.

I was informed that one nurse visits a patient that we have in common later in the evening between 6-8 pm. They are usually having dinner around this time so, when she shows and they offer her dinner, she turns them down with a look of disgust on her face (this is all told to me from the daughter of my patient).

They think she is stuck-up or grossed out by the faces she makes when they offer.


I've decided that here (in Mexicanville) I won't be offending ANYONE! I've said. I've been fed numerous times.

The most common is Tamales.

Because I work at my own schedule, I prefer to start work as soon as I drop the kids off at school. This way, come 2-5 pm I'm either already finishing or finished work.
I like to have the rest of the day to myself.

As I said.....

Early in the morning, the majority of my patients or my patient's families are usually eating breakfast and it's usually Tamales.

One time, my patient was cooking when I arrived.

She was making Chiliquilles
with a side of refried beans.

Now, this was one time that I wasn't able to have breakfast. This lady was tearing up her corn tortillas and cooking them in her pan, she crumbled queso fresco onto it and it looked GOOD.

The couple of things that made the decision for me about not being able to enjoy her breakfast.....

1. The amount of salsa verde she poured right over the whole thing (it was about 2 cups).
2. The amount of oil she used for her refried beans (probably about a cup).
She said she was making it for her granddaughter (who is 26 yrs old) because she was on her way over with a hangover. This was apparently her hangover remedy.
Well, I didn't have a hangover but I knew that if I ate, I would most likely have some digestion problems throughout the rest of the day. I can't afford that if I'm driving all the time.
I hope they enjoyed their breakfast.
About 3 times a week my patients are offering me food.
Yesterday I gave in and ate 2 tamales. They were so good.
Two tamales won't ruin my diet.....right?


Ace C said...

Lucky you. Now that's a job that I can get used to.

Nick James said...

Wow! Thank you for all the comments--I am flattered!

I've always wanted to make tameles.

Good post--thanks and nice to meet you!

~Sheila~ said...

Ace C-
Yeah. I DO like my job.

Nick James-
Well, Thank you too for coming by and saying "Hello".
You should be flattered.
I didn't actually make Tamales, I just ate them. I know it takes time to make them though....I think.

Samantha said...

I could live with a job like that!

Superwoman said...

No no no, diet only apply to food YOU make.

Or we'll say that's how it is for today anyway. Any food from patients is GOOD TO GO!

It looks delicious too!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

That green sauce is HOT.

OMG I'm drunk I can barely see lmao I think I need to stop trying to comment on blogs.

honkeie2 said... am so hungry right now I almost licked my monitor!

Dana said...

Tamales sound awesome right now! YUM!

~Sheila~ said...

I DO live with a job like this!

Ahhh, Thanks for clarifying that for me!!
I didn't eat it though cause I knew it would be too hot.

Mom Taxi Julie:
I'm sure it was!
AND...there's nothing wrong with Drunk Commenting!!

Yup. I figured I would seduce all who come across my blog with a little food that I see all the time.
It's "OK" to lick the's your monitor, not mine!

YUP! They sure do. I wonder if any of my patients will be offering any this week..hmmmm.