Monday, February 23, 2009

Another diet strategy...UPDATED!!

So I communicated with Jared (Capricorn) a few days ago.

He advised me on a different kind of diet that consisted of Lemon/water and Cayenne Pepper/water.

I don't know if he remembers telling me about this "diet" before. It was sometime last year. When he told me then, I was like, "What? For 2 weeks? No food?...I'm going to die of starvation!"

Then I started thinking about the Cayenne Pepper and how it might burn coming out the other end if that is all I'm having to "eat" for the next 2 weeks. scared ass didn't try it. Instead I sat around and chomped on anything I could get my hands on. (Not the best diet strategy, I must say)

So when I asked him again about it and he gave me more specifics I was able to understand exactly how to do it.

Alright. I'm ready.

I have my "ingredients".....Water...

... Cayenne Pepper......(for my "soup")

And I've already pre-squeezed my lemon juice into the bottle with the water. I'll carry these around with me while I work. (my lips are puckering already)

Take a good look people. This is officially my last meal for the's try for 2 weeks.

I'm not promising anything.

I'm still a little worried about coming out of this thing hooked up to an IV due to malnutrition but I'm not stupid. If I feel faint...I'll eat an oyster cracker and stay on track.

How's that for motivation?!

Also, I'm still working on kicking Honkeie2's ass in this little competition cause he punk has YET to post a scale pic.

Get on it, dude!!

Here's my current weight. Sorry for the crazy looking pic. I took it this morning and it's hard to stand on the scale evenly while trying to take a pic of the numbers without tilting over. Also, my digital camera battery won't charge...unless it's the charger. I'm working on it so I took the pic with my cell phone:

My current weight is 169.0 lbs.

I'm down about 2 lbs from my last weight post on Tuesday.

Let's hope I'm not dying the next time I post.

Wish me luck.


In other news. Dom has started writing in his blog again. Check it out.

From what I read.. I think he has a message in there for you Jared.

He's been talking about wanting to go to work already for quite a while. Angel and I have been talking about letting him get a job. He'll be 14 in April and he's been doing SUPER at school and doing his work. The only problem we have is his mouth, but he's a teenager and I know that is something we will have to deal with (that includes all of the kids).

We decided to let him work. I will open a bank account for Dom and he can have his own money.

There's other subjects that we've talked about but they are not in the final stages yet.

Like: Child support money, a car...etc.

We'll see. He's getting older and we are waiting to see a certain level of maturity before we can go on with Plans B, C, D.... in Dom's life.

Miah and Devyn?

They're still young.

I do have plans for Devyn though. He's going to be my athlete. I'm going to be the Chunky Soup Momma. I'm going to be right by his side at everything he does.

Miah...DIVA. She's my princess...and getting more and more like her momma everyday. We crack up at the same times for the same things. I'm still trying to figure out what she's destined to do. She refuses to learn how to ride a bike.

Anyway. I'm rambling. I had some cancellations for therapy today so I had some time to kill. Now it's killed...gotta go to work!

Have a good day everyone!



Are you wondering how my 1st day went??

Here's a hint.........................................FAIL!!!

I totally was rocking the lemon juice and water all day until I picked up Dom from school at 2. Then I had to wait an hour before my next patient and I was sitting at home with all those cereal boxes staring at me.

Stupid cereal boxes!!

They were going DOWN!!

Then Angel got home from work and brought Salads.

So yesterday is officially scrapped.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

I need to call on the powers of The Force or Mr. Miyagi OR SOMEONE to help me through this. Who knew the urge to eat was going to be that overpowering?

Today...I stick with it.


I know Jared, ...I know no one is making me do it. I just want to try it....see how long I will last and if I lose any pounds in the process. I think I may actually be losing brain power. eeek.

Obviously, I need to try harder.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Just don't end up with Gout like he did!

~Sheila~ said...


Huh....maybe I should double up on my lemon ratio. Hopefully I'll have enough citric acid in my body to fight that shit off. I won't be doubling up on the cayenne cause that will increase my initial fear of catching my ass on fire...

Capricorn said... gout was from gaining 85 pounds, not losing 85 pounds.
Second..try it for a week, then see how it goes. Noone is forcing you to do anything!

Muffy's Bestie said...

WOW!!! Keep us posted as to how this diet strategy works. The thought of cayeene pepper makes my sphincter pucker! And thanks for all the great comments you left me back at Muffy's blog.

momcat said...

Yuck - rather you than me! But good luck anyway.

honkeie2 said...

I use plan old water, the pepper and lemon will help. But people that dont like water usually do that. I drink about a gallon or more of water a day. Its all i can do to keep me away from the office donuts (which we have today and I have not touched)
And dont worry about having a bad DAY, just as long as its one day a week it really wont set you back. Its when that one day turns into several days and then a weeks worth of bad eating. Keep the water intake high and all will be a-ok.
And let him get a job, I have had once since I was about 11. I have not been unemployeed since lol

Capricorn said...

You can always just go buy some 'Allie' or go to GNC for a colon cleanser...its basically the same thing. Its all about detoxing your system.

Superwoman said...

OH man...girl I hear ya.

And LOL @ tiding yourself over with an Oyster cracker.

I'm already frantic about looking halfway decent in a wedding dress.


Ace C said...

Lol. Good stuff. I have heard people trying that diet for a week. 2 weeks is a little much. I should send my roommate your way.