Sunday, February 8, 2009

Partied like Rockstars.

Alright. I know. It's been long enough.

Time for some updates.

First things first. Honkeie2, you ready for this?

My official week's weigh-in is:


The scale reads: 167.8
That brings the total loss for this week is: 4.4 lbs
Starting weight was: 185.0

Grand Total being: 17.2 lbs lost. In 3 weeks

Now, I don't know what an "average" weight loss per week is ...but long as the scale keeps reading lower and lower each time I get on...I'm sticking to my routine. Which really isn't all that different from what I was usually doing (except of course stuffing my face every chance I got). The only big difference is I only eat as much as maybe Devyn would each meal. (Sometimes Devyn can be a pig, talking about "I want 6 hot dogs"....... so I usually opt out on those days.)

I'm "consuming" less sugar. Drinking more water.

Now, as far as the exercise goes. *chuckle*

I'd like to say that I've started some rigorous exercise routine and threw in some running and crap....not likely. I could say that I've been walking on my tread climber like I had said I would be doing more diligently *snicker*....but as I've said before..."That would be Lies. All Lies."

Um...I'm taking less naps...that helps...I guess.

Anyway. Whatever I'm doing...I'm sticking to it!!


My company gave me free tickets to the Ice Hockey game that was in town. My company actually owns the team so we get free tickets anytime we want.

We took my brother in law and our nephew. We had a blast. The beers were, of course, 6 bucks for a 24 oz. But we got lucky because during the games they announce "Power Plays". These Power Plays are blocks of time. If our team scores during that time...the beer is $1.


The PPs were working in our favor.

(can you count the number of skulls in the pics?)

The first 1000 or so people to show up got free stuff. YOU KNOW HOW I LIKE FREE STUFF.
This game was the yellow flags. Each of us got one.

I've gone a few times and gotten free stuff. One time, Angel made us late. I missed out on fleece throw blankets. I was pissed.

Believe me, it never happened again.

The kids love coming to see the games. Mainly, they just like sitting in the seats and eating popcorn. (Don't ask what's going on with Devyn's facial idea. Kid gets weirder and weirder...)

Before all this we were at the house. The kids were playing Guitar Hero World Tour. Miah's not a big fan of this one because these drums have the cymbals. She liked the drums from Rock Band. So she sits in the back just watching the boys.

Devyn likes the guitar. They always look so serious.


We all came back to my house so that the adult males in the family can make fools of themselves. I honestly don't remember Angel taking the mic. I had given up and taken my ass to bed. I don't know what time it was but I had to crash.

Miah and I took off and left all the men awake.

I woke up at 5 am and Steve had already left.

Angel was sitting in the computer the computer...trying to play "Mafia Wars" on Facebook but was obviously unsuccessful because he was passed out on the keyboard.

Devyn was sprawled out on the couch.

Dom had managed to make it to his room.

My house looked like these boys pretended they were trashing a motel room.

Beer cans were EVERYWHERE.

A drumstick was broken in half.

Trash. Shoes. Clothes. Flags. Everything everywhere.

If you want to see the real life chaos......check it out HERE. It's highly embarrassing (for Steve, anyway) GO STEVE! YOU ROCK!



Now, as for Angel....

You see this cute little bed we have here?

Well, I purchased 3 of them. For about a month and a half they have been lining the floor of my hallway. I've been pushing Angel to put them together for me but I should have known better. Angel isn't good with written instructions.
He decided to come home and start on one of the beds. He moved the mattresses out into the hall and got to work taking all of the pieces out of the box.

Then...a piece fell. It broke. Figures. He started looking through the instructions to find out what to do with the broken piece. The instructions say to send it in and they will send a replacement. YEAH RIGHT!!

And have everything laying around just like this until it gets here:

Like I said....YEAH RIGHT!!

I went to Walmart and got some wood glue and some black duct tape.

Back to work, baby.

This is what the bed looks like by the time we sent the kids to bed:

There's still the headboard/shelf that needs to be assembled. Either way. It's Angel's job.

He's working for this used Range Rover he found and wants. I'll tell you all about it next time.


Capricorn said...

Your life makes me tired, how do you keep up?

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Damn girl you are ROCKING the weight loss!! I freaking didn't eat for a week and lost like one pound. Seriously. No food. One week. One pound.

~Sheila~ said...

My life is fairly easy. I just bitch and moan about it being stressfull when it really isn't all that stressfull.

Mom Taxi Julie:
That's crazy, 1 week...1 pound.

Andy said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

I hate putting together furniture

honkeie2 said...

ohhhhh you are soo going to get a azz whoopin! I have not lost as much as you but the day of the scale is coming!