Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Vet Visit...

So...I had to take the dogs BACK to the vet yesterday morning because we noticed the night before that they had taken their staples out.

They weren't even bandaged. Just stapled.
Of course the dogs didn't really think anything of it but c'mon!
There was an incision made all the way through to their internal organs and they were jumping around and playing with this big open gash on their bellies. BOTH OF THEM.

I was a little horrified that their guts were going to be flopping around hanging while they played.

Anyway, I took them back and they bandaged them up...pretty crappily I might add.

The dogs are fine as you can see from the pics...

Here they are in the back of MY truck.

I got them home. This is Venus.

Here is Miah and I with Serena.

Apparently every night I'm going to have to re-bandage their tummies so that the cut will close and heal.
This sucks.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

It's been a long time since I got a dog fixed but I've never seen it done like that.

Andy said...

Staples? Weird... well at least they are fine now

Capricorn said...

Water with cayenne (or chili powder)-warmed up in microwave, for 'tea' (meals)

water with lemon-cold, for all day.

do that for 2 weeks straight. you cant eat anything.

honkeie2 said...

Your bowbow's booboo's are doing better~