Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My First Patient

Whoo Hoo!

Tomorrow I get my first Home Health patient.
The PT did his eval and faxed a copy over to the company and they gave me a copy. The only thing is...I've been training on the PDA and the PT has his own "notebook" that he does his evals on. It isn't the same as the program on the PDA. So the patient isn't entered into the system under our program. THIS means that I will have to write my visit note on PAPER! *GASP*

Also, I was supposed to be getting a company vehicle to use for my visits. They haven't gotten me a car yet (and they knew I was coming to work for the company for about a month). So I have to fill out a mileage log. This is what I didn't want to do because I am getting dangerously close to the end of my mileage warranty. (A little over 1000 miles before my warranty runs out).

The company is sending a nurse with me to "oversee" my treatment, even though she knows nothing about physical therapy treatments. They told her in front of me "If she looks like she knows what she is doing, she probably does." We all thought that was funny. She is basically coming with me to check to see if I do proper hand washing procedures and introduce myself...etc.
Whatever, I think it'll be cool.

Anyway, I should be happy to have a patient to actually do some out of the office work. I have been in the office fighting sleep since last week. Now they have me on the computer incorporating therapy skills checkoffs with their nursing paperwork.
I guess they are just looking for something to keep me busy since they are paying me regardless.

The kids are loving their new schools.

I am loving the fact that they ALL get FREE breakfast and FREE lunch despite our income amount. How cool is that?

Before I graduated and started working I was on Public Assistance (FOOD STAMPS) which automatically qualified the kids for free food at school. As soon as I started working last year I reported my income and gave up all public assistance (because isn't that what we are supposed to be working toward?) so I had to adjust to handing out money to the kids for food or send money to the school cafeteria to cover the kids meals.

I'm loving being here over and over again.-
Angel is coming home for the weekend. I have some work for him to do. Our water pressure is really low and it's hard to take a shower when the pressure is coming out with the force of a pinched water hose. The hot water is almost non-existent and it's mostly a cool shower. I don't complain. All will be fixed soon enough.

That's it for now.


Insane Mama said...

Oh God, NOT PAPER! I can't wait until school starts next week

Anonymous said...

Hey U!!! Long time no chat, lol, the interview went perfect and I recieved an offer like 2 days later, thank you very much for asking. How have u been mf? My kid is back in school now too!! Thank the good Lord, lol, my 19 year old is driving me insaneee, but nothing new about that. Thank you for visiting my page, I'll try to get here more often, tc mf, Julian : )

honkeie2 said...

PAPER??? whats paper?
and I love free food. You want to win me over give me food and I will follow you anywhere!

Moe Wanchuk said...

-go to school
-get a job
-get off public assistance

You.....are Freakin Awesome!!!!!!...Absolutely Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I can't get my kids to eat breakfast- I'm doing good if they drink a glass of milk- I'm not a big breakfast eater either- Although I can do some serious snackin about 10 am-
Glad work is good!

Shelby said...

Sheila Sheila Bo Belia Banana Fanna Fo Felia...Me My Mo Melia.


Dunno why...sorta bored I guess?