Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 more days

Well, folks, it's finally coming to an end.

I only have 2 more days left here in this job.

Then I will be home with my children and my chaotic life will continue. I will be able to post more frequently since I will have access to my own computer (which I miss dearly).

Angel ended up going to El Paso instead of Santa Fe, NM. Angel and his Dad were on their way (driving in 2 separate vehicles) and his Dad pulled over somewhere in Texas. He had decided that he didn't want to go work in NM. So they pulled a U-y and came back home. Angel's Dad is his foreman so he follows his orders. At least the got a job here in Texas.

Will people cry when I leave?

Probably not.

But I can say this...I don't have that nervous feeling that you usually get when things end (at least not yet). I can't say how Friday's last hour of work will feel like.

I DO know 1 person who will be sad to see me leave. She is one of my patients. It took A LOT of time and patience to get this lady to her current level of function. When I started with her (about 3 mo. ago) she turned everyone away and didn't want to be bothered. It was a struggle just to get her to sit on the edge of her bed. She was very moody and temperamental and if you crossed her once and got on her hate were on there for good.

The rehab department wanted to discharge her from therapy but we decided to keep her on my caseload since I was the only one she liked (at the time) and the only person she would do things for. Now, 3 months later, she is able to walk with a walker. She still has some balance issues that need to be addressed but this lady has come a long way.

She knows that I'm leaving and that worries her a bit. I talk to her all of the time and try to reassure her that she will be fine and she needs to continue her therapy.

She asked me, "When you leave, who's going to take care of me?"

I told her that she could work with any one of the therapists here or she could work with the new guy that is coming in to take my spot.

She asked me, "Is he a SISSY?"

I told her, "I don't know. I only met him one time so you'll have to be the judge of that."

She told me, "Well, that's all you need. You can tell if someone's a sissy after one meeting."

I just laughed.

I hope she continues to make progress after I'm gone.

My friend Jenn laughs at me because she has seen first hand how elderly people flock to me. They LOVE me. I don't know what it is about me but I obviously picked the right profession.

We went to HEB the other night and just as we got out of the elderly lady asked me if I wanted her basket. I told her "sure, I'll take the basket off of your hands" and she came up to me and placed her hand on my hand and held it for a little while and started telling me about the specials in the store and then she pointed in the basket to show me that she left a flyer in there with all the info. I thanked her and we proceeded to go into the store.

That's when I heard Jenn snickering.

I said, "What?! Elderly people love me."

She said, " I noticed"

Everywhere we go...they all smile and wave at me and the older gentlemen flirt with me.

What can I say. I'm a geriatric magnet.


Shelby said...

LOL at geriatric magnet. I have a feeling I might be too...we'll have to figure that out later...

Trooper Thorn said...

It sounds like you make life better for the folks around you; I'm sure you will be missed.

Thanks for you comments on underage Chinese gymnasts. If your boy going to be taller than 5'5, put him in baseball, hockey or golf.

Veggie Mom said...

Elderly people love me, too! I have a friend who doesn't really get along well with her mom. When Mom visits, guess who gets asked over for coffee, dessert, dinner the most often? Well, moi, of course! :) PS: I remember the feeling of leaving the job for life with the kids--priceless!