Friday, August 29, 2008


Now I don't know if some of you guys have been reading me or how much of me, but do you guys remember this.....

wait, never mind.

I'm the idiot who never labeled her blogs!!

Sooo.... now that I am wanting to reference all of those blogs that I wrote about Dom and his grades and behavior in school....can't.

I even tried to scroll through the blogs and my lazy ass gave up.

Anyway, they're in here someplace.

SO.....what I was going to say was that it's 4 days into the school year and I got a phone call from Dom's math teacher.

He isn't doing his work......again.

I assured her that I will be taking care of this situation and he WILL be doing better.

THEN...she says, "Um, would you like to talk to Dominique's Science teacher? She would like to talk to you too."


So she gets on the phone and tells me that he isn't' doing his work and that he only has 3 passing grades out of 7.
I believe he is failing Science.

I also assured her that THIS situation would be taken care of .

I picked up Dom from school and let me tell you....I took away everything he was allowed access to and he was VERY close to losing his hair. He was going to be looking like Devyn and Devyn LOVES his hair this way...

I have a feeling this is not the last I will hear from any of Dom's teachers.

My stress is already building.

Another Random Devyn Moment:

Devyn saw me on the computer on the blog and Myspace and he asked if he could play on it.

I told him, "In a minute, let me just finish what I am doing here."

He said as he started walking away, "Yes ma'am. I'll let you have your space.....cause it's 'your space'."

And then he chuckled and walked away.


Insane Mama said...

Ugg, I am not looking forward to school. We start nest week. My youngest has school issues. When I saw your title I thought you were talking about another hurricane. At least it's not that right?

Shelby said...

Sheesh. Kids. Here I am excited OUT OF MY MIND to start class tomorrow and Dom hates school. I just can't imagine...

Tiffany said...

I remember the Dom posts... ugh. I am so sorry you are dealing with this again. Love him through it sister... and kick his butt too.