Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm home!

Of course, this was not my original plan.

I still have 5 days of work left in Corpus.

My plan was to spend the remaining 2 weeks of work there in Corpus so that I can save gas by not going back and forth.
Angel had driven up with the kids Thursday because he had a Dr and Dentist appointment. While they were here Jenn and I decided to let our 13 yr olds go out to a club from 7:30 to 10:30. It was Thursday night....teen night. I had to go buy Dom some clothes because his daddy just told him to grab some stuff to sleep in. Jenn and I also fixed his hair.

He said that all he did was play pool. He was bored.

THANK GOD! I wanted to get it out of his system before he decided he was going to start sneaking out to be out. He didn't like it and I love that...for now.

They stayed the night and Angel was supposed to WAIT until I got out of work on Friday (and have Happy Hour with my friends) and then he was going to drive me to the Valley for the weekend. He didn't. He booked. Left me high and dry. Angel called me on the way home telling me not to back out of coming home because we have so much to do at the house. I promised him I would get there early Sat. morn.

He got the info for the next location he will be going to work. He's planning on going back to corpus with me on Sunday so he can head out.

He is going to Santa Fe for 3 months.
Yup....New Mexico.

Don't ask me how he got this location. It's construction. It's random. I just go with it.

Anyway, My friends (Jenn, Laura, Misty, Gilbert, Victoria, Daniel and his wife) took me out for drinks last night.
Let me say this now.....

I am NOT a liquor drinker.

The Long Island Iced Teas were mighty tasty though (all 6 of them that I had).
I do believe I may have even had a few sips of Mojitos and I think I may have tasted someone else's beer.
Then at another place...$1 drinks.
Crown and coke sure didn't taste like coke at all.
My friends paid for ALL of my drinks (as well as Jenn's)
To top it all off....around 10pm when we left the other places and were ready to call it a night....we stopped at HEB and bought 3 (count them) ...3 bottles of Boones Farm.
That's right!

Talk about Ghetto! We don't care. For $2.25 a bottle... we are some super cheap winos.

Jenn, Laura and I decided we were going to take our Boones to the beach. We walked out to the pier and sat and drank and bullshitted. It was fun.
Then, Laura had to pee. (I went to pee earlier when we passed the restrooms but I was unlucky in the toilet paper department) :-(
Laura decided she could drip-dry too ('ve all done it at one point or another so stop EWWWWWing) so she gets off of the pier and walks around underneath it and pops a squat.

I RARELY ever let anyone drive my truck but last night I made the good decision to let Jenn drive. I don't remember going to Taco Bell, going home, eating my Taco Bell, changing my clothes or going to bed.
All I remember is waking up with my mouth wide open and being surrounded by 3 cats.
I totally had a good time though.

The only thing that was a buzz kill for me was earlier that day AS SOON AS I got out of work...a rock hit my windshield. I heard the pop but I was looking for the crack. Sure enough, there it went it stopped right in the center of my driving side. DAMN.
Whatever...cracked windshields are not uncommon at all here in Texas. There are people set up at tons of different intersections ready to fix the cracks. Like vendors.

I promise I will get to my Tag Post.

P.S. So....I'm here. He's asleep. The house looks like a few unsupervised kids ran through and ransacked it. I feel like I got up early and rushed over here just to clean. DUMB.
AND guess what I have to do???





The hamster was running loose in the house for most of the day. I was really worried about a rotting, smelly hamster corpse hidden somewhere in the future. I told Dom to just put the cage out with the door open and hopefully the hamster will eventually run up into it.

I was right!

The hamster has been re-incarcerated.


Insane Mama said...

Good luck finding the hamster. Love how mean forget to pack clothes.

Anonymous said...

Girl! That's a LOT of Alcohol! I would still be in the bed.

I've been working on a post that involves boone's Just thinking about boones' farm makes me laugh.

Cherlyn said...

It would have been over for me after the 6 Long Island Ice Teas.

Shelby said...

BOONES!!!!! Damn I miss college. Strawberry Hill saw me through many a night I don't really remember.

You know what? I really need to drink more, I seem to have forgotten what nights like this are like.