Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can You Believe?!?!

Angel has been giving me attitude these last couple of weeks when I call him to see how he and the kids are doing.


WHY? ask?

Because, apparently, he is bored.
BORED..with his own children.
Mad because he is home with the kids and I am away working.
All he has to do is hang out..not even work.

This is the same man who stated:

"I can't wait until you start work so that I can sit home for a month with the kids and do nothing. Just take a break from work and hang out with the kids."

Well, you are living your dream, Angel, and you are complaining.

I suggested that he take the kids to the pool. He didn't want to go to the pool.
I suggested that he take the kids to the dollar movies. He didn't have anything to wear and he doesn't want to sit in the movies.

I told him that I wasn't going to suggest anything anymore because he just shoots down my ideas.
So........I texted him and mentioned that the kids still need their school supplies and school clothes/shoes. Also that he could find out when registration for the kids starts.

He texted back: "That's true".

So off he went.

His DAD gave him a gift card to Academy for $1300.00

Now, WHO gives a gift card for that much??

Truthfully....WHO CARES!!

Take it and run with it.

He told me about all the clothes that he got for the kids.
He also got their school supplies at Office Depot.

Devyn called me and INSISTED they got them for Home Depot. I kept asking if he was sure it was Home Depot and he was sure of it. Then I mentioned Office Depot and he said, "Oooohhhh, OFFICE Depot...The Depot part messed me up."

Anyway, Angel TRIED to register the kids for school but he didn't have all of the info they want. That's where I come in. I will need to call the school and make arrangements for me to be there to give them the info. This part requires calling the schools and getting them to fax over the info needed.
(I tried to explain this to Angel (all of the steps) but I can tell (over the phone) that his eyes were glossing over and he wasn't paying was too over his head.

At least he did SOMETHING!


Insane Mama said...

uggg, sometimes summer is too long. I'm not saying Angel is right, bu I am getting pretty tired of my kids EVERYDAY! Go back to schooll.

Dirty White boy said...

You shouldve mentioned taking the kids fishing..a whole month of fishing...he wouldve said: oh yeah, duh!
Oh and Academy..1300.00...that means, 700.00 in kids stuff, 600.00in fishing stuff.

Shelby said...

Aww, he'll get into a rhythm with them and be all over it.

And Jared is right, you should've dropped the word "fishing" and he would've been ALL OVER IT!!!

Mom2FiveBratz said...

Its too damn hot to do anything. I walked to the store today and almost passed out!
My husband wouldnt know what to do for a month by himself with the kids...except maybe call me every hour for instructions that he would totally mess up.

Veggie Mom said...

It takes 'em a while to figure it out, but most hubbies can get with the program if they're easily trainable!