Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My fun filled days....

Okay...So I took a few days away from blogging...well, not because I WANTED to, but because I HAD to. I really had to jump into gear these days.

So I'll start with:

SUNDAY. Mother's Day.

For those of you who read my very first blog. How I ranted, bitched and moaned a little because my husband totally forgot our anniversary. Yup. Ninth year in a row. My last words were how I wasn't looking forward to Mother's Day. I knew he would forget.

Well he didn't. He was actually telling me everyday to my face for at least 5 days before the day, how he knew when Mother's Day was. He got me 4 Gb mp3 player. It's SUPER cute. Very sleek. Plays Videos, the radio, voice records, audiobooks...etc. It's an RCA Opal.

Then, we packed to go to the river to let the kids play and fish. We took two cars. Miah rode with me and the boys rode with Angel. We're close to our destination and I notice that Miah is scratching and scratching and scratching her head. I froze for a second. I asked her, "Miah, why are you scratching your head?" her response, "cause it itches."

Me: "well, stop scratching." if that were the solution.

You know what's coming next right???

I get there and we park. I instantly start looking through her hair and....yup. You guessed it. Little nits in her hair. I only saw a couple but that was enough to freak me out. Angel comes over to her window and asks what's going on and I tell him about her head and he's like ...."oh."



Understand this people!! We are not that family that always has their kids at school with lice. You know who I am talking about cause you all have one or more of those families that frequent the schools.


Now that we got that clear.

She obviously got it from someone at school. The boys didn't have it. Of course, they barely have any hair. But still.

So immediately, I take off to the grocery store (I leave Miah behind know...I don't need any "extra passengers" in my truck).

At this point, I'm a little upset because this is what I have to do on Mother's Day. NOT TO MENTION.. going home and washing ALLLLL the sheets, pillowcases, towels, clothes and anything else that may possibly be infested. I have to spray ALLL the mattresses, pillows, couches...etc. to make sure they don't keep coming back. (All of which I did on Monday cause I called into work to spend the WHOLE day washing and cleaning) .

Now back to Miah.

I get back to the river with some bread and a RID kit. I lined the back of my truck with plastic and propped Miah up on it while I rubbed that shampoo in her hair. 10 mins later, I set up a chair under one of the containers that Angel uses as clean water for us to wash our hands or rinse off with when we go to the beach. Angel had an extra poncho in his tackle box so I put it on her and got to work.

I am not an expert at cleaning hair to get rid of head lice by any means, trust me..this is not a hobby of mine, but since it came down to me having to defend my child from these things..there's no messing around with doing a half-assed job.
I did the deed. And decided this little incident wasn't going to mess with my day. We still had a great time at the river (even though I was dreading the work at home).

When the time came.
I left early and got started on the job at home.

I called the school the next morning to let them know the situation and that way they can check all the kids in class.
I kept Miah out of school for two days. The Monday that we both stayed home and Tuesday just to make sure that the parents got the memo and took care of any potential problems with their kids.
This morning I took Miah to school so that the nurse could inspect her head and she went to class. The nurse told me that she has had several kids that were totally infested with it and Miah must have gotten it from them because one of the kids parents doesn't believe in using a treatment to rid their kids of lice (see...told you we weren't that family). Just combing them out is supposed to be sufficient for this family.OH HELL NO.
I turned to Miah and told her not to touch anyone, hug anyone, put her head next to anyones. The little girls in her class like to hug her when they see her and I told her she better tell them that 'High Fiving' is the new thing now.

I'm still trying to destress.

So you know how I say we are moving then I change my mind and said we decided to stay and find a place here?..

Well, we decided we were moving again.

Tune in next week ..we may decide to stay.

Who friend said we were wishy washy.

We just may be.


Kathy said...

Ha! You totally called me out on that one!! Too funny...and you're right, I've got bad karma coming my way. "Jared" is totally going to kill me. Will you keep this comment and give it to the authorities after he does...

Kathy said...

Maybe he'll opt for scargosun...he's not going to want to deal with your husband...

Tiffany said...

Girl. I am so sorry. I run a summer camp and lice is my arch enemy.

Doesn't the school have a policy that the kids can't come back until they are NIT FREE?

I cannot believe you had to deal with that crap on Mother's Day. You, my dear, are a great mom.

Shelby said...

Oh gross...I was THAT KID. Not the grubbie who runs around school with lice, but the kid who said "sure, I'll try your HAT ON." Dear god I remember the pain of my mom combing through my hair, and then her sanitizing EVERYTHING. Oh man...