Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Results are in...

First off...

I'm off today because Miah and Devyn have their "Field Day" events today. (YAY!) This is something I don't want to miss. I have my camcorder ready. I am also getting paid for today cause I am using some of my PTO. This way I don't feel guilty about not being at work making money that we need. Plus, I'm not usually at work every day for the full 8 hrs. I'm pretty efficient in my work and know how to manage and treat more than one patient at a time. At least I'll be getting paid for a full day's work.

For those of you who have been reading my blog. You will know that I have been having some problems with my oldest and his grades or his behavior at school. This isn't a new thing. This has been an ongoing event since he's first started first grade. His grades of course were better in the lower grades but since 5th grade and up we have been having some problems. He's not mentally incapable of completing his work...he's just lazy. This I found out because, well...he takes after his mother.
He's a 'Deadliner'.
I'm a 'Deadliner'.
We wait until the last minute to pull through, but we pull through. Not a good quality to have in some aspects, but good enough in others.
I was worried that I was going to have to tote him around with me to work in the afternoons because he was going to have to go to summer school. (The other two children are going to be spending the summer with my mother and father in the Valley).

I just looked online and noticed that this may not actually have to take place. He may not have to go to summer school after all.
He had some pretty bad grades during the 5th week of their 6 week term. Here's what we had:

Texas History.....71
Theater Arts........71

Yeah. Pretty terrifying isn't it.
I pretty much busted out crying when I saw that. I was really shocked.
Anyway, those grades resulted in Dom being grounded (I tried to ground him for life...but Angel intervined). Dom kept telling me that he was going to pull the grades up. "yeah, Right" was what I was thinking. Four weeks into the last six weeks they send home with the kids their progress reports. This report stated that Dom was failing Math, PE, and Science.
Well, I knew about the PE and Science...but now he's failing Math too? C'mon now.

Get this...

I get a letter in the mail from the school about Summer school. But, it's for failing Language Arts (English).
Failing. Four classes. Geez.

I called Dom over and told him: Look at that. School isn't even over yet and they are already telling you that they're 'saving you a seat' in summer school (it actually said "A reservation has been made for your son or daughter...etc). Not to mention the fact that Summer school is only for 2 classes. Not 3. (PE doesn't count) And....There may not even be a chance that he will be promoted to the 8th grade at all.

He reassured me that he was going to get to go to the 8th grade.

He only had 2 weeks to bring those grades up.

Not all of the grades are posted but I did manage to get 3.

*drum roll please...*

English from ...65 Semester 1 and 2 average is 69.5 (70...they round up).
Theater Arts from 71 to..89. Average is 90.
Science from...50 to 73. Average is 74.

He passed English, Theater Arts, and Science so for.
Two classes down...two to go. I swear... I almost busted out crying.

I called him into my room this morning and hugged and kissed him and told him "Thank You".
He asked: For what?
I showed him the grades on the computer and told him how proud I was of him for bringing them up. I also pointed out the other classes that were mentioned in the progress report and told him I hoped he was doing the same there.
He reassured me again that he was. So I left it at that.

Wish us luck.
Tomorrow is the last day of school.
Think he pulled it off?
I have faith that he did.

He's a Deadliner.



He lost his wallet the other........week....and just went yesterday to go and get a new license and SS card. Well. In his wallet was his and my fishing licenses.

Now, I don't mind going fishing with Angel.....occasionally. I've been looking for ways to get out of going fishing with him lately. Not that I don't want to be with him and the kids building memories's just that the mosquitos are out and they TEAR ME UP! I get welts all over...I hate it.
Everyone asks me why they get me all the time and I just explain that 'they love Brown Shuga'.
That's right.

Now another reason is the friggin SUN.

I am not one to be outside in the sun with out a tent.
I need shade.
Honestly, I can smell myself cooking out there. I can hear the faint sound of 'sizzling' next to my ears.
I need to be sheltered.

Anywhoo.....what I was saying was...
My new excuse for not going fishing is......

"I can't fish without my license and my license was in your wallet and you lost your wallet......again."

Ta Da!!!


insane mama said...

yea, but is the license really in his wallet, or are you hiding it somewhere? I had problems with my oldest daughter and her grades during middle school and ending having to send her to Sylvan, it's expensive but they get to the root of the problem and help with organization and everything.

insane mama said...

BTW- ia had to do your word verification thing 4 times before I got it right... tell it to mellow out :)

~Sheila~ said...'s in his wallet... lost...somewhere...I hate word verification...I'll see if I can turn it off.

Mama Dawg said...

LOL! How perfect that the license was in his wallet. The fishing gods are looking out for you. You know, the fishing gods that protect the fish, not give fishermen good luck! ;)

Mrs. Romero said...

Deadliner is the perfect word.. I happen to be one as well. I am so glad he is pulling through and giving you some relief!

I want to go fishing with Angel!!!!! My husband and I both love it... but I hear your about the mosquitos,,, they love me.

Kathy said...

YAY!!! Dom!!! I can totally relate to being a deadliner...I just hope none of my kids inherit the gene. But good for him for pulling it together! I don't even KNOW him and I'm proud. It's hard to bring grades up, I can't believe he did it in only two weeks. That's incredible.

As for the fishing license. I think you hid it so that you could get rid of your fishing license. You KNOW he's gonna make you get a new one right!?!

And thanks for the comment...I made sure to respond. :)

Heather said...

Way to go, Dom!!! That proves how smart he is. To pull up his grades in such a short amount of time requires him to be kicking bootie on his school work. Us "deadliners" can accomplish miracles. That's why the world needs us. We get it done in the 11th hour.

Shelby said...

Yay Dom! You must be proud! I'm kind of a deadliner too...I'm trying to get better at it, but I'm having a hard time justifying doing things NOW when I have time to do them LATER. And really, as long as they get done, all you really lose is your sanity. =)

I don't super like fishing either...but more because I think it's boring (probably more fun with kids). Careful with that new excuse, one day he'll SHOW UP with a new one for you and all will be

~Sheila~ said...

Yes...I know. He can get another one for just 10 bucks. He already told me how easy it was. And he did it in kind of a sing-song voice.
I'll be sporting a new license in no time flat...thanks to Angel and his 'know how'.

Kathy said...

I saw this bag and thought of you: