Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Angel and I decided that we weren't going to move to the Valley after all. After weighing the pros and cons of moving...the cons won out.

The upsetting part about it is that right after we put our foot down and finally decided that we were sticking to this decision, I get a call from a business owner who offered me $30/hr to work for them in Harlingen (the Valley).
The only thing keeping me from throwing my hands in the air and changing my mind again is mentally listing all the renovations that will need to be done to the house we were planning on moving into. That coupled with the commute (gas wasted) to and from work everyday from the house to work. It all comes out the same as being here MINUS the expense that it cost to actually do the moving.

My little sister is a little bit upset because we aren't moving there closer to her but it's only 2 hrs away and my parents live there along with all of Angel's family members. A visit every now and then will be sufficient.

On the bright side, my best friend is moving up here early next month. So we will finally be living in the same city and won't have to travel back and forth to visit.
I'm super excited AND Angel gets to stay and fish like there's no tomorrow.

Dominique has a girlfriend. He's only newly 13 and this little girl is 14. I think she may be a little to advanced for him. She told ME that as soon as she saw him she wanted to just kiss him because he was so little and cute. She was actually chasing him around cars and he was really running. She's a lot taller than he is.
Now here's the thing....


He didn't get good enough grades this past 6 weeks to be socializing (and what I mean by good enough grades....72 being the highest grade out of all 6 of his classes). That won't do. I told him that he is not allowed to socialize with anyone until I see some improvements in his grade. Hopefully he will make it out of the 7th grade.
He thought we were moving, and since we aren't, he is going to be in the same school next year possibly with the previous 6th graders.
This is definately a consequence that he will have to face.

Miah got paid and spent all her money on Monday. Now she is sitting around doing more chores to earn more money to spend. They need another lesson.

Lesson 1: Make money

Lesson 2: Bookkeeping

Lesson 3: Budgeting/Saving

There's another lesson here (negotiating) which Devyn is becoming a master at but we aren't working on that yet.

Anyway...Tonight I am serving leftover Lasagna. The kids liked it last night...they'll love it tonight.