Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am totally exhausted.

I didn't plan on doing this much moving around at all.

Where do I begin?


I went to work as usual. Angel stayed home with the kids cause it was their first day of summer vacation. We hadn't found anyone to watch them that day so he volunteered to stay home. This was also the weekend we decided to take a bunch of furniture from my apartment to my sister.

The plan was to wait until I got out of work then we would load the furniture on a trailer and drive to the valley and give it to her. Then spend a pleasant rest of the weekend visiting our family there.

Not how it happened.

I went to work. Angel (being his impatient self) decided to load up the trailer AND the kids and drive to the valley without me (cause I was obviously taking too long at work). When I got out of work I came home and packed some supplies for myself ..and Devyn because he always forgets to pack SOMETHING for someone.

I drove to the valley and caught up with him at my sister's house. We unloaded the furniture, hung out with her awhile then he took the boys to his uncle's house to stay the night and I took Miah with me to his grandmother's house so we could sleep.

This was also the weekend that my best friend was moving to my current location.

SATURDAY (morning)

I went to her house the next morning and the movers had just finished putting the large items in the truck. I walk in and see lots of boxes everywhere as well as some end tables and a coffee table and still some kitchen items. THEN... I see the movers leaving. Jen had obviously paid the movers for 2 hrs and their 2 hrs were up.

Jen's girlfriend Ursula was waiting on a few of her guy friends to come over (as promised) and help move the rest of the stuff. They never showed.

FRIENDS! Never there when you need them.

So Jen and I decided we were going to just get to it. We went downstairs to the trailer and looked at how it was set up. We decided to re-arrange a few things cause we as women knew we could do a better job. And we did. Just the 3 of us loaded up the rest of the stuff from the house. one point one of their spooky neighbors stuck his head out of the door and offered to help so he and his dad brought some boxes downstairs for us. Which helped a lot.

Honestly...helping your friends move = free dinner.

I will be collecting tonight.

Ok. The U-haul was packed and ready to go. I decided to drive back home that day and Angel wanted to stay an extra day with the kids. Fine. NO PROBLEM. I started heading out with their TV in the back of my truck and I stop by grandma's house to pick up my summer sitter.

My husband's cousin decided she was going to come up in my mother-in-law's place to stay and watch the kids this coming week before I send them to the valley for the summer. We established that she would probably stay all summer. This way we don't have to send the kids away at all. I'm pretty happy about that.

We got ready to head out on the highway so I call Jen to find out where they are so we can follow each other. Jen was driving her car (loaded with her 3 cats in their carriers) and Ursula was driving the U-haul with Jen's 13 yr old daughter.
Well..the U-haul broke down in the very next small town. Jen was on the phone calling the 1-800 u-haul roadside assistance to come and help and getting upset cause someone on the other line was getting an attitude with her.
I met up with them where ever they were (not like I could help or anything) but I offered to go on ahead and take Jen's daughter with me so she didn't have to wait on the side of the road in the heat. I opted out of taking the cats cause I didn't want to hear constant meowing. That's all they did in those carriers. MEOW MEOW MEOW.

All in all...we made it here safely.

I'm sooo friggin tired cause in an effort to continue to entertain this night owl cousin of mine...I stayed up with her until 4 am. She had me watching some show called Rad Girls and this show had me gagging. The girls are just crazy on that show. If you ever get a chance..check it out.

I've got groceries to buy so I will be going and running my errands.'s an update on the rest of Dom's grades:

Texas History: 76
English: 70
PE: 63
Math: 73
Theater Art: 90
Science: 74

Now, As far as I know...and from what I see, he passed to the 8th grade.
Hopefully they will revoke his 'reservation' to summer school.

More later on...gotta go visit my friend.
Have a good day people.


Mrs. Romero said...

There is public school still offering PE? Wow. Moving sucks and does UHAUL.. eveyone we have rented has had some kind of irritating problem.

Your friends owe you dinner and DRINKS.

Mama Dawg said...

I bet that's a load off your shoulders, huh?

I agree with Mrs. Romero. Drinks should be included.

Heather said...

Way to go, Dom! He's one smart cookie to have pulled his grades up so quickly.

Moving. Sucks.

You deserve many, many drinks.

Jared. said...

Good for Dom! I see all your bitching paid off.
Uhauls break down? haha..dont tell ericka that, she will be in a panic.

Staci said...

so uh tell me how teenage boys are...cause i have two boys, and im sceeerrrd!!!! surfed over from sits!!! ill be back

~Sheila~ said...

PE is still offered in public school. I have helped many people move this past 30 days. They better be there when I have to move in 2 mo. I don't think I'll be using U-haul. I have a ton of family members who own trucks and trailers. Texans.

I agree on the drinks included with dinner.

P.S. I haven't had time to sit and fully blog like I want to...but I will post my SITS post as soon as I can!

Not so much a load off my shoulders cause my shoulders are STILL sore.

I also completely agree on including drinks.

I have to admit I was really rooting for him to do it but sadly...I had seen him just blow it times before too. Still..I will always root.

Moving does suck.

DEFINATELY! Many, Many, Many drinks.

P.S. I haven't had time to sit and fully blog like I want to...but I will post my SITS post as soon as I can!

Bitching always pays off with me. They know that if they don't act right..the bitching will NEVER end.

Yup they break down did.
Maybe I should give Erica a heads up after all.

Thanks for visiting. I will make sure to post lots of info on my boy so that you can compare or....prepare.
I gotta make time for SITS...dang-it!