Saturday, June 21, 2008


How come when the majority of the kids leave out of town with Angel, I always end up looking for that dang gerbil at the oddest of times?

Here's the story.

Angel got out of work and wanted to go to the Valley to hang out with his brother in law and sister. He took Miah, Dom and Cyn with him. Devyn and I stayed behind because Devyn is going to a sleepover tonight and I know that if he missed this chance...I will NEVER hear the end of it. We have been trying to plan this for such a long time and something always gets in the way of this actually happening.
Well, it's happening TONIGHT.

Anyway, Devyn and I spent the night watching 'The Incredibles' and eating cereal. When we finally went to sleep I was sleeping soundly for awhile and then I hear this plastic bag next to my bed move.

Now, I have a fan in my room and I, for a second, thought it was the fan causing the bag to move. I waited quietly for it to be moved again and it didn't. I didn't think anything of it at the time and tried to go back to sleep.

Experience kept me from fully falling back into sleep mode. I got up went straight to Dom's room where the gerbil is kept. The top of the cage was left open and all I saw in there was bedding. I know that sometimes it gets really cold in the room and he buries himself underneath it so I started moving it around and tapping the cage.


It's 4:30 am. I do not want to do this now.

I automatically went back to my room and picked up that plastic bag, held it at eye level and twirled it around slowly hoping I didn't see a little suffocated gerbil laying lifeless in the bag.


Aww, man. I started thinking about the phone call I was going to have to make to Dom about his missing or dead gerbil. I also imagined the lecture I was going to give him about leaving the top open because he knows the gerbil knows how to climb out.

At this point. I'm a little frustrated because, well, it's 4:30 and every bedroom door in the house is wide open and that rodent could be anywhere.... IF it's still in the house. I go. Clicking my tongue all through the house hoping it will pop out of whatever hiding place it has found. I'm looking under beds and in closets the kitchen behind the living room under couches and behind the entertainment center.


I'm still clicking my tongue and walking around preparing myself for any possibility of it just running across my feet. I was bracing myself and trying to make sure I don't scream if it did.

THEN...I saw it.

It came scurrying out of my closet (I keep thinking of residual gerbil pellets left behind in my shoes...ughhh) and ran under my bed. I went and got the cage out of Dom's room and trapped us both in my room.

I was ready for battle.

I got the plastic bag and rattled it under my bed to try to coax it into a corner. It worked. It made its way toward my restroom but the door was closed. I placed the cage down on the floor and just like crawled up into the cage.

Honestly. Why is it me who always ends up chasing that darn gerbil?

After order was restored, I came back into my room and Devyn rolled over and saw me awake.

He said, "Hi, Mama."

Me: "Hi baby. Guess what I just had to do?"

Him: "What?"

Me: "The gerbil got out because someone left the cage top open and I had to find it and put it back."

Him: "Oh, sorry mama, that was me. Thank you for putting it back."

With that, he turned and went back to sleep.




You know that Blackberry I got my husband...?

Well, when it came in (yesterday), I figured I could figure out how to transfer the address book from the sim card into the phone for him easily.

I couldn't do it.

I got the bar that says transfer complete or whatever but it never showed any addresses. I tried again then I tried everything including going online for more specific directions
But nothing ever worked.

Then Angel calls me this morning to tell me that he got the addresses transferred while he was sitting on the toilet.

Go figure.

He thinks he's a "Hacker".

I got him though... I sent him a TEXT.

Early today, I sent him a text. (normally, we text ALL day to each other just random messages). Well, I sent the text and went about my day. Hours later, I went to go see my friend Jenn and I sent him another text.

I told Jenn that I bet the reason he never texted me back was because he couldn't figure out how to send a text message yet.

So I called him. I knew he wasn't going to call me, he would rather I think he hasn't checked his messages than KNOW he hasn't figured out that feature.

Sure enough, he confessed. He said he was sitting there for hours trying to figure out how to text me back but he wouldn't call.

I laughed at him only because he laughed at me because of what happened with the stupid gerbil this morning.

Well he was ready to get off the phone then so I said: "Alright. I'll talk to you later. I love you."

He said: " Yeah, too."

I said: "I LOVE YOU!"

He said: "Okay, yup...yup."

(he thinks this is cute)

I said: "What?!? You can't say "I love you" to me in front of STEVE?!!"

He said: "Yes! I can say "I love you" in front of STEVE...I just didn't want to! Now, just for making me..I hate your guts!!"

HA HA....whew...I love that man.


Heather said...

Ah, the joys of technology. I still can't figure out how to email a photo from my phone. Good times.

Mrs. R said...

The battle of the gerbil. So, the clicking noise.. did you just make that up in hopes it would work? For some reason the image of you doing that has me rolling.

Jared. said...

1. Looking for a rodent at 4:30 am, not a lot of fun, but I have had one on my chest at that time. Gross.
2. Once he figures out the blackberry you wont see him anymore. Unless, he texts you.
3. emma sent out the photo yesterday.
and in response to your comment, actually the first type is the type that is too poor to participate in pageants, they use their rent money or car payment and hope like hell their kid wins the money back.

Shelby said...

So cute. That cracks me up. Devyn is a doll, officially.

Anonymous said...

Damn girl, you so sexy. I wanna do you from bof sides.

mole c.