Thursday, June 5, 2008


As you can see...having a nanny with lots of time on her hands has lots of perks.

Check out my blog layout! I love it. Totally matches my personality. Finally, I can look at my blog and not think about all that drab gray color.
She normally blogs on myspace but I introduced her to this site and she immediately got to work setting it up. I saw her setting up hers and wanted her to fix mine up too.
Like it?

Stop by and show
Cyn some love when you get a chance. This is the woman taking care of my kids while I'm gone.

Today was pretty simple at work. Unfortunately one of the elderly gentlemen (whom I really enjoyed cause he was such a sweetheart) passed away today. I remember going into his room asking him if he wanted to get up for therapy. He was heard of hearing so he misunderstood me.

Me: You wanna come and play with me?

Him: What??

Me: You wanna come and play with me?

Him: Do I wanna come to bed with you!? ABSOLUTELY!!

Can you imagine my shock and embarrassment when he said that.
We had a good laugh.

The last few days he was becoming angry and irritable. He was having trouble breathing.
I figured it was best to just let him be and not upset him by going in there and trying to drag him out of bed for therapy.
My rehab director thought otherwise.
He wasn't budging though.
He asked me why this was happening to him.
I told him, "It's because you're old."
He laughed for awhile and said, "Thank you for being so blunt!"
It was time.

Anyway, I got my cousin cornered here and we are having a Grey's Anatomy marathon. I own the first 3 seasons so she is incarcerated with me till the end


Mrs. Romero said...

You, my dear, look hot...smokin' hot.

You know how I feel about the skulls in the girly colors.. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S

I am sorry about your patient. Sounds like one cheeky guy. May he RIP.

insane mama said...

I love it!
Sorry about the patient that has got to be hard.. he sounds like a comical man.

Jared. said...

skulls. again.
:::shaking head:::

Heather said...

OH, this new layout is SO YOU!! The pink and the purple and the die for.

I'm sorry that your favorite patient passed. He sounds like a sweetheart for sure.