Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well, not really. I have the kids with me.

Angel and Cyn went to the Valley this morning leaving me with the kids. They will be back tomorrow.

They got up early this morning and snuck away like bandits.

Well, not Angel. He's normally noisy so I end up just laying in bed with my eyes squeezed shut while sucking my teeth every time he bumps into or drops something. He even turns on the light noisily. Before he leaves, he says "Gimmie a kiss" so I pop up really fast with my lips puckered so he can hurry up and kiss me and be on his way. I sometimes think that the faster I get my kiss, the faster I get to go back to sleep.

Never happens.

I'm up for the rest of the day. I did lay in bed tossing and turning for a while longer. I thought the kids were still asleep until Devyn came out of the living room to go to the restroom. They were all already up watching TV. Quietly. I'm so glad they are such good kids.


I need to email Taco Bell with my complaints today. I ordered one of those Fruitistas and it was delicious but when it was handed to me through the window the cup wasn't filled completely. Don't we get a full cup? They show it on the commercial filled to the top looking all fruity and delicious.

Here's what I got:

Dissappointing, isn't it? I asked the girl at the window if she could fill it because it's not full and she said that it's as full as she's supposed to put it.


Apparently they have a "line" that they are supposed to fill to then the put the strawberries on top.

Do you see any strawberries to fill that gap?

I wanted it filled to the rim and almost spilling out onto my lap if possible. Okay, well, maybe not my lap...but I wanted my $1.89 worth, that's for sure.

So I'm going to be busy emailing Taco Bell with my complaint hoping to get some free stuff.


Speaking of stuff, My best friend Jenn, (the one who just moved to my town a week ago) definately needs stuff BAAAD!

I went to her house (I go everyday now) to see her and I opened her fridge to get something to drink and this is what I found:

Time to go grocery shopping!
Uh,......did the salt packets really need to be refrigerated and protected?

Anyway, I'm going to drag her out of the house today so that we can go and get groceries!

Now, I'm going to go ahead and email my frustration letter.


Mama's Losin' It said...

We changed them to make them a little more anonymous. My URL had my last name right in it. When Mrs. Romero did her she inspired me to change mine too. Better safe than sorry.

Mrs. R said...

You got totally jipped by Taco Bell. And, what is this new frosty drink they serve??? Is this only a Texas thing?

Yep, had to go a bit more incognito... you know, twith all this fame and such.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Ooh, I'm interested to hear what Taco Bell has to say to that're right... it was a sad sad looking drink!