Tuesday, March 17, 2009



As soon as I finished my patients, I met Angel at the house to take him for the procedure.

Angel had the surgery.

We went in there thinking that it was going to be really quick and then he comes home to let his eyes recover from the trauma.

TRAUMA is the correct word.


I'm getting ahead of myself.

We all know that I had to finally convince Angel to get this procedure done. I knew that as soon as we had the money we needed to do it because we were totally wasting money on contacts.

He was reluctant because it would take time away from work.

Long story short...the day has come.

I can never "read" Angel because he doesn't really convey much emotion unless it's frustration or anger (I know those emotions).

I can't tell if he was nervous or scared.

I mean, c'mon, they are SHOOTING LAZERS INTO YOUR EYES!!

Even if it is for a couple of minutes....each.

We could never have prepared ourselves for what Angel experienced today. (I say "we" cause, you know...we're in this "together").

Let's look at the pics..shall we?

Angel is being prepped for the surgery.

He's in. They placed him in position.

I was placed outside the surgery room looking into a huge window with a big TV on the wall showing me the procedure.

It was...gnarly.
Lucky for Angel, he wasn't wearing anything to enable him to see because I'm sure it was in his best interest NOT to see the tray full of torture devices that he had just passed.

Yup, they pryed his eyes open with those creepy claw like things.

I'm telling you.....

It was straight out of "A Clockwork Orange".

Only......worse. At least in the movie, no one was scraping away a layer of your eyes.

I was a little horrified and the guilt set in when I kept seeing Angel lifting his legs in the air at what I could only guess was a response to pain.

I thought they numb your eye or something for this shit.

Maybe that is a question we should have focused on?


I'm standing outside the room looking in and I hear the Doctor tell Angel to look directly at the red lazer.

Look straight at the red lazer...don't look away.

Now, that's the exact moment when I started to think..."Look into the what?? Oh No!!...ABORT!!...ABORT MISSION!!"

And then I hear this sizzling sound. Almost like a faint buzzing.

I'm watching the big TV and I then begin to realize exactly what's going on.
Also...Angel said he could SMELL it!!

More and more the area was getting bigger and then the Doctor placed this tiny white pad on it and rubbed it around. I was/am oblivious to the pain Angel must have been in then and now.

It was just utterly creepy. They kept pouring saline on his eyes and I was a little bit grossed out.

That metal ring was the worst. To have that just placed right on your eye and you can't blink.

He finished and I brought him home.
He bitched the whole way home about how much pain he is in and I don't blame him.
It looked like pure torture.

Right now, He's crashed out in bed hopped up on Valium, Tylenol PM, Vicodin, Lunesta and eye lubrication drops. I hope he sleeps well because I have to get him up and take him for the post op at 8am. Then he's back in bed for the rest of the day again.
It's a good thing my mom is keeping the kids for Spring Break (even if they ARE down the street) so that I can take care of Angel and work a little more worry free.
After Angel's surgery and I took him home, I had to go and pick up Devyn because he had just started Baseball practice yesterday and he had practice again today.
Here he is. He has never played on a team before but he knows how to throw, catch and hit.
That's about it...
He had to learn to round the bases from the coach....oops.
Looks like I was slippin in the sports department.
Yesterday after that first practice we went to Academy and got him all new Baseball gear!

Unfortunately, Devyn and I had to cut out of practice early because Angel called (I don't know how he found the phone, much less dial...he can't see...yet)
Anyway, he called because he was in so much pain that he really needed his pain meds. I had already taken the prescriptions and dropped them off. They just needed time to be filled.
I assume he's in heaven....until he wakes up and feels the pain.
Poor baby.
So how am I celebrating St. Patty's Day???
I'm writing here and chugging a couple of Bud Light Cheladas.
A little "ME" time after a hectic day.
P.S. Thank you all for wishing him well during this time.


Darin said...

Great, I hope he can see quickly! Send him my regards, Sheila!

momcat said...

What a horrible procedure. Hope he heals quickly!

Brian in Mpls said...

That looks crazy!! Hopefully he will be better soon

honkeie2 said...

I would love to get that done but i dont have the money. I am blind w/o my contacts. Maybe I need to get a second job....maybe a male giggalo! Hey, there are tons of horny lonely/bored women out there!

Beyond Danielle said...

Oh my god that was so scary. Poor Angel they actually burn a layer of your eye off and then add a brand new eye. Freeky

Andy said...

I can't believe you can watch it all happen. How voyeuristic... of course, I'd probably watch if I had the chance.

~Sheila~ said...

Thank you. I hope he can see quickly too.

It was pretty crazy. He's still in bed.

Brian in Mpls:
IT WAS!!! Thanks!

Male gigalo sounds like a good steady job!
Who are you pointing the finger at when you say "horny lonely/bored women"?

Beyond Danielle:
It was freaky and I don't think I would want it done to me.

Yup. Can watch it all happen.
I like to watch, voyeurism at its finest. (of course, without all the stuff you REALLY want to see)

Nick James said...

Best of luck in a speedy recovery. Very vivid details--yowza!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I missed this post the other day. Poor guy!

~Sheila~ said...

Yeah, sorry about the vivid details. I had to see them too. Nobody is exempt!

Aren't you glad you came back?
I'm feeling his pain too. (although, not literally)

Ace C said...

There are some things in life that I can go without seeing. Someone pooping, child birth(crowning), and any medical procedure.