Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh Man...

These past few weeks have been crazy for me.

Dealing with Dom and his bladder infection.
Taking all of the kids to the Doctor's office.
Getting meds for Dom.
Taking Miah, Dom and Angel to get new glasses.
Taking Angel to the Consultation.
Taking Angel to the Surgery.
Everyday (except Sat. and Sun.) working .

It was inevitable.
I was going to burn out.
I don't think I have any more fuel left in me.

On Monday, I knew I only had a few patients this week on each day so I would be able to handle taking care of Angel during his recovery.
He's doing a little better..I think.
He hasn't actually gotten up to see anything so I can only guess.
The light hurts his eyes so he stays in the dark...all day. Vampirish.

Don't worry.

Tomorrow we aren't playing the same game.
Gonna have to get him up to make him start doing something or he won't be going back to work on Monday. office decided I wasn't doing enough or something and gave me 5 new patients (for this week). Some are repeat patients who just needed to be reassessed by the Physical Therapist before they can continue therapy and others are Brand Spankin new to me.

This means that I have to meet new people AND find out where they live.
I don't mind once I've been there then I can just go right there and not have to find them.
They have to get adjusted to me and my horrible Spanish.

Also, since Angel can't see and has taken to the Vampire lifestyle, I have to take Devyn to baseball practice alone.
Ooohhhh..I know, I know...All I do is sit there and wait for it to be over but I'm tired too.

I can't sleep at night because Angel moves a lot (Click here. It should explain why) and I worry about him crying out in pain (he hasn't yet, but I'm still worried).
Around 5 am is when I've been getting up because of the fact that I worry. I don't get to fall sleep until late for the same reason.
I drive around all day worrying because Angel is home alone and he can't see and he may be in pain. So I want to call him but I don't want to wake him in case he's sleeping comfortably and pain free. Then I will just cause pain if I call him...

So I come home from wherever I am and check on him......he's always sleeping.
No need to worry.

Between Doctor office visits, Dom's bladder infection/recovery, Angel's surgery/recovery, new patients, Devyn's baseball practices, lack of sleep and worrying all the time...

What else can I do?

This is my life.
On a more motivating note.....

My brother and sister-in-law WILL be coming next month.

It's going to be AWESOME!!

I was really pushing for his visit as soon as he mentioned it because I know it's probably going to be the only time ALL THREE of my parent's offspring will be in the same place at the same time....IN A LONG TIME.


I've gone with my children to NY to visit a few times but rarely have we gotten together with our younger sister who lives near me.

This also includes my 3 children, my sister's 3 children and my brother's 2 children.
My parents are going to be in grandparent heaven.


April is a very busy month for us.
April 3rd is my 10 year Anniversary.
April 4th is Dom's birthday.
April 11th is my parent's Anniversary.
April 14th is my niece's birthday AND my brother and sister-in-law's Anniversary.

There is no better month to get together. (unless you count November and December..hee hee).

They will be arriving April 8th.
Once I can figure out how to do it...I will put a countdown on the blog...just for them.

P.S. If anyone knows how to do it...make one with skulls for me and send me the code...THANKS!!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Did he have complications to the surgery? I thought usually you are up and going not too long afterwards.

~Sheila~ said...

He didnt qualify for the highly advertised next day recovery procedure. His eyes were too badly damaged from the constant contact wearing while rubbing combination.
4 day recovery...minimum.

Darin said...

The reunion is good for healing your tension. I hope you strong enough to take care of those things. I can't imagine how busy you are, and still blogging? You're terrific mommy!

Nick James said...

You and I are busy bee's. I'm glad you have a month too look forward to, as this one has been quie challenging for you. Thanks for your constant support. I get very excited to see that you ahve commented my post. Please keep me updated, I am very interested in this entire process that your husband is going through. I can't say for certian, but I fear that i will one day, too, be requred to get such a surgery. Take care.

momcat said...

Being busy is one thing but too much worrying will make you sick. Give yourself a break. Don't plan anything more for the rest of the month. April is also a busy month for us with 3 birthdays and Easter.

The Nice One said...

Wow. You've got a lot going on.
DO make sure you take SOME kind of a break for yourself. Burnout...stress...will make you S I C K.
Best wishes for some calmer seas....

~Sheila~ said...

I'm really looking forward to the reunion. It's what's keeping my spirits up (that and the fact that Angel will have the ability to see clearly).

YES SIR, We are busy. I've been reading about hour hectic schedule too. I am noticing a lot of people in need of GROUP NAP!
I'm happy to hear that you are excited about my comments. I just like to point out all that I admire.
If you have to get the surgery. Don't wait too long. We did. Much easier, sooner.

I'm trying not to worry but when you see a grown man crying out "MY EYES! MY EYES!" How can you not worry. I will get a chance to relax when he can see. I will try not to plan anything.

The Nice One:
Yeah, I know. I will try. I might actually hibernate when this is all over.

ysfb said...

Life has a way of turning itself around. Still waiting for it to happen to me but I think this is the year. Wish you the best of luck. And thanks for the post.

Ace C said...

Seems hectic around the home front. Whoa!

~Sheila~ said...

Every year is THE YEAR. That's the way I look at it.

Ace C:
It was a little hectic. It was very stressfull and extremely overwhelming.

We are still alive.