Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How well did YOU sleep?

I was awaken at 3 am to the sound of my husband calling out (loudly) in his sleep...


Yeah...I didn't know what that was about either.

I waited patiently until 4 (of course I went back to sleep but I wake when the alarm goes off for Angel at 4)

Me: What the heck were you dreaming about?

Angel: I was playing Jeopardy.

Me: Are you serious? Did you win?

Angel: Yeah, I won.

Me: You couldn't have yelled out "SPERM BANK!"

Angel: HA HA..yeah I know..I won.

And...sperm bank???

He proclaimed that he had, in fact, won and that was that so he got up left the bed to get ready for work.

Angel cracks me up cause he does some funky stuff in his sleep.

He often speaks in Spanish when he talks in his sleep.

No....not the sexy seductive Spanish that you would like whispered in your ear by some handsome stud straight out of a Spanish novela...

No husband barks out orders as if he's communicating with his other hard hat buddies because he works in construction.

Sometimes he asks me where he wants me to put the pile of dirt he's carrying.

Other times he's hammering on the pillow or my head.

One time I actually woke him up cause it got a little ridiculous because he was mumbling something in bed and he..........spit.



I woke him up right then and there to point out what he was doing because I knew if I didn't wake him....I'd wake up in a puddle of spit....eeewwww.

Anyway, my night adventures are just that....adventures.

Be lucky you may just sleep with a snorer.

That reminds me of THIS POST that has to do with us in bed too......(dirty minds).


So today the kids all around Texas are taking their TAKS test.

The funny thing kids aren't even phased by the testing.

I asked them if they were prepared. YUP.

I asked them if they were worried about testing. NOPE.

I never worry about Dom cause he always does well.

This is Miah's first time testing. She told me that she passed her practice tests and that she got the highest grade.

She's not worried.

I'm not worried.

Here she is this morning making herself some oatmeal. She knows that she needs a good breakfast.

I will never worry about her taking care of herself...


Barb said...

My husband speaks a foreign language in his sleep too, GEEK! He's a software engineer and he's even been known to tell geek jokes in his sleep. Fortunately he's not a spitter ~ ewww!

honkeie2 said...

I am so glad I dont do that....but I do get out of bed at times because I was dreaming I had to do something and I actually got up to do it. lol
Now, I will be shout SPERMBANK! At random people at the top of my lungs all day. I wish I had a camera in my car sometimes lol.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

My husband speaks spanish in his sleep. this is where, i say, will you shut the fuck up!

My kids had TAKS as well. My maverick was spazing about it. Of course, he always freaks out about any kind of test.

I made my guys Tacos for breakfast. You know, chorizo, and eggs with a little bit of salsa verde. Dakota refuses to eat breakfast...something about a stomach ache? Idk. My guys have no problem eating. Also, my kids were asleep last night at 7pm!! I read Edgar allen poe to my younger boys who hate bedtime (the tell tale heart) and they knocked out. Too boring maybe? I might do that everynight!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

My oldest used to get all stressed out about the testing (due to the teacher stressing them out). I finally convinced her that they are testing more of what the teachers have taught them than what they "can do".

I don't think any of my kids have ever eaten a bowl of oatmeal.

Nick James said...

Haha that is pretty funny. Mucho comica!

Good luck to everyone on their tests--they seem very intelligent!

Take care!

Ps. Thanks for the advice on my last couple of posts.

~Sheila~ said...

Thank you for coming by. I hope you come again!
You're lucky your husband doesn't spit. I'm on guard all night for it.

Are you getting out of bed to eat? You probably do. I hope so cause that's why I'm going to beat you in this battle of the bulge!!

Mom 2 Five Bratz:
I always try to translate what he is know...checking for some secret rendevous...or money stashed someplace.
Dom says he reads Edgar Allen Poe.

Mom Taxi Julie:
Yeah, the teachers have to teach it to their students and then it comes off on them how well the students test. I'm sure everyone did well.

Nick James:
That's my life..full of comedy. I go through SOME kind of adventure almost every night.

My oldest is here with me now and he predicts he got a 100 on his Language Arts. I'm sure he's right.

You're Welcome.
Like I said before. I have a son and I would like to prepare myself for what may come..not that both of your life journeys will be the same but he is writing music so I know he has big plans too.

Capricorn said...

Is that just a texas thing? I dont think California has that...well...maybe im just not paying attention.

~Sheila~ said...

It may be a Texas thing. Just to ensure that the kids are at the level they need to graduate to the next grade. They test on Language Arts/Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science

All depending on the grade you are in and the tests you need to take in that grade.
Miah takes 2 tests in 3rd grade and Dom is taking 4 tests in 8th.
Devyn isn't in the testing grades yet.

Ace C said...

Only in dreams can you get away with things like that.

~Sheila~ said...

Ace C:
Yes Sir!
It's a really easy profession and I make a lot of money here.
I love my job.

honkeie2 said...

Are you challenging me?!?! Oh I am soo going to whoop your soon to be skinny butt!
And i yelled out 'spermbank' the other night and had my wife rolling! I told her about your story and she got a good laugh out of it. Now i walk around blurting out SPERMBANK! Thanks alot!

~Sheila~ said...

Are you just now getting that this is a COMPETITION??
I'm glad you're writing more because now I can entice you with food...

You're welcome for "Spermbank".