Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not quite over yet.

I was hoping that with the weekend coming already that I would get a chance to be able to rest and restore my energy.

No dice.

Angel is still laid out.

He claims to still not be able to see. I am now leaning toward the reason being that he's been so doped up since we've been home on all those meds that I mentioned that he hasn't been able to focus because.....he's high.

I sprung into action and proposed a plan.
Stop giving him the cocktail of Vicodin, Lunesta, Tylenol PM and sometimes...NyQuil (his request).

I've officially become Angel's pusher. I'm the worst enabler.


My new plan is too......not give him the sedatives.


Well. I can't finish this post right now because something just came up.
Dom called me from my mom's house complaining of pain in his lower right abdomen area.
We are concerned and are hoping it's not appendicitis.

Guess who we called?


The kid's pediatrician.

Dom called at 9:51 pm on Thursday night....AND HE ANSWERED...AGAIN!!!

He rocks!!
The situation...doesn't.

Of course he told me to take him into the E.R.
So....I need to go and get my mom so that she can stay here with Angel (cause he still can't see) and the kids so I can take Dom to the ER.

I can't think anymore.

P.S. I'll be the one in the E.R. waiting room. Twittering.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Has Angel contacted the surgeon? That doesn't sound right that he can't see still.

Hope Dom is ok


Darin said...

Ya, hope he's fine. And, God bless you Sheila.

scargosun said...

Hope he's ok. You are dealing with men in pain...not fun. ;)

~Sheila~ said...

Yeah, we went to his 8:30 appt this morning. The Doctor says everything is fine. He's actually doing a little better since that visit and their "magic drops".

Thank you very much. You too.

They will both be fine. Unfortunately, you are right.
2 men + pain = not fun at all.

ysfb said...

You have a 24 hour life. I'm a total baby when it comes to pain. I feel useless when it happens so I can only imagine what it's like for you with two guys. Good luck, hope they feel better.

~Sheila~ said...

I do have a 24 hour life.
Unfortunately, Angel works part-time here at home. I'm always on the clock.

The men came through the pain just fine. Angel whined for awhile and then TOTALLY forgot about all of the whining he did....go figure.
They are feeling better now.

Ace C said...

Hope all is well. Twittering has taken over.