Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I just might make it...

I just need to shut down and recharge for.....a month.

I've been very busy and it's been very stressful.

On Thursday, Angel started to feel a little better from his eye surgery. He was up for a little bit during the day. But, only for a little bit.

That night, Dom complained about pain in his lower right side of his abdomen.

We called the Doctor and he said take him to the E.R.

We went, stayed there overnight and I called my work to let them know I wasn't going to be able to see my patients today. I would try to see some tomorrow.

Dom was admitted and spent the weekend there. Turns out he had a kidney infection.
I stayed with him Friday night and Saturday night.

He was doing well enough to come home on Sunday.

Angel is feeling better too.

He's gone back to work.

Honestly, you would think that when I suggested (insisted) that he get his eyes fixed that I was actually suggesting that we take a trip to HELL and get his eyes fixed there.

I can just imagine how much pain he was in but I can swear he was cursing me under his breath.....with every breath.

After like, day 1 of the surgery, he was complaining that something went wrong but he was still in recovery.

Yesterday, I took Angel for another follow-up and they took the protective contacts out of his eyes.

He's doing better. mom calls and says that my dad is having pain on HIS right side. So I take Angel home and pick up my parents and take them to HIS Doctor's office.
Turns's a kidney stone.
I took yesterday off (well, actually, I saw one person) so that I could rest a little, cry a little, breathe a little.....
Didn't work out that way.
Doesn't matter.
On a good note, we are getting some things around the house fixed.
My Uncle (you remember him) and his friend came by because I wanted to pull the tile up and put new tile down in the restroom and the room outside the restroom.
They came by and did that yesterday (they only pulled up the tile and patched the holes in the wall).
Pictures to come as the work progresses (cause we all know you like to see boring home improvement pics).
Too bad!
I'm gonna post them anyway.
Today, I have to take Dom for HIS follow-up appointment with his pediatrician.
Time to go.


Mom2FiveBratz said...

And Hunter and Dom have the same hospital outfit! lol.
Im glad hes feeling better. Hunter will be home all this week. The pleurisy makes him so tired and causes alot of pain in his side and back, but his dr wont prescribe him any pain meds, im not sure whats up with THAT. She says, give him 4 advil every 8 hours. I think thats alot of advil, but im just a mom, so what do i know.

Capricorn said...

Hope your family feels better.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh my gosh, when it rains it pours!! I'm glad Angel's eyes are doing better, I was hoping he wasn't going to end up blind or something equally as tragic! Poor Dom!!

Maternal Mirth said...

I sincerely hope everyone is back to 100% soon. And take a minute or 100 ... we all need that from time to time :o)

~Sheila~ said...

Yeah, it's obviously Texas standard issued hospital attire.
4 advil every 8 hrs?? What's the dosage??
Hope Hunter is feeling better soon.


When it floods...for me.
Everyone is doing better and back to asking me to do everything again...ughhhh!

Maternal Mirth:
Thanks. They are. I need a million minutes and then...all will be right with the world.

honkeie2 said...

Holy Hell I hope things are better today!

~Sheila~ said...

Things are be better today. Thanks.

Ace C said...

THings will slow down. Give them time. I keep laughing because you called your bathroom a restroom.