Tuesday, November 25, 2008

About Me-2

I am a light sleeper.

When I say "light", I actually mean "LIGHT"!

Which brings me to the reason I am writing this right now at 2:08 am.

Angel, my beloved husband, is home for the week. His cousins are here with him (yes, right now!) They were here since around 8:30 or so and they have been drinking since then.

Music is blaring because of them.

I can hear the beer bottles clinking around. It's just fucking noisy.

I was sound asleep and they made the bad decision to park themselves RIGHT OUTSIDE my bedroom window. They also decided to make a fire. No. Not just any fire.

They are using the propane tank, hose and round fire thing that you would use for deep frying a turkey (which we will be doing this Thanksgiving if he doesn't catch himself on fire).

I'm very pissed right now because since I don't have the ability to put myself back to sleep after being so rudely awakened, I will be awake until around 4 or 5 am. Then I will be trying to squeeze in as much sleep as I possibly can before I have to go and see my first patient around 7:30am.

To add insult to injury:

Angel the "king of rock" is blaring RAP music.

I hate rap music (<--another fun fact about me)

I just can never get into it.

Then he goes and downloads some Rap that I have never ever heard of before.


I knock on the window to let him know what a bad decision he made with the fire and the noise and the music.

He comes in, he listens, he understands.

They relocate.

To the....FRONT OF THE HOUSE! Music is even louder.

The damage is done. I'm already up.

Might as well steal a few of their beers.


Devyn had soccer practice yesterday and they scrimmaged against the girls.

It was a little hard to get the boys to concentrate on just watching the ball and following the ball and running after the ball.
There were girls on the field for goodness sake MOMMY!

Just my luck. I'm running around town treating patients and I see this:

I needed gas anyway because my car gas light came on and it even made a little "ding" noise to alert me that I was about empty.
I pull up to the pump and get my wallet.
I can't find my Debit card anywhere. I start rummaging through my purse and I still can't find it.
I call Angel cause he is at home with my truck and the jeans I wore yesterday. He checks them for me and he finds them in my pants. He is 2o miles away. I have to scrounge around my purse and the car to come up with $3.00 to put in gas.

That sucks.

Fortunately, as I was going to my next patient's house, I see several stations with the same price. I will fill up tomorrow.


Brian in Mpls said...

One of the things i am most thankful for I sleep like a rock

Andy said...

At least gas is only $1.57 and not $4 like it used to be- you can afford two gallons now!
Another good "Get to Know Me" post... I, on the other hand, enjoy some rap music, but more along the lines of Common, The Roots, and "thinker" hiphop

Geiger Girl said...

$1.57!!! Can I just say how much I envy you right now. Gas prices are still in the $2.67 range here, and I'm grateful for even that being so much cheaper.