Sunday, November 2, 2008

Date Night.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

I didn't post that day because I was scrambling around trying to get the kids in order.

Thursday I had to go to the school and deal with a situation concerning Dom. He got suspended for writing threatening letters to another student.

I am trying to get him out of this public school and put him in a Charter School so that he can work at his own pace. The school here is basically designed to teach the kids of the Rio Grande Valley. The majority of the kids here are Mexican (or from Mexico) and at a different level intellectually. (Not meaning to offend anyone...but in these's true). A lot of the work is being done in class in a group so that everyone has a chance to learn and understand. Dom is constantly bored because he says that if the class doesn't understand something, they will go over it again the next day and then again the next until they get it. 3 days of doing the same thing would drive me crazy, especially if I already know the stuff.

Dom is already way ahead of the class because he has and IQ of 140. He was in the gifted and talented class but he decided he didn't want to do his work so they dropped him when his grades dropped ...a long time ago.

Anyway, the charter school will let him work at his own pace and move on to the next subject when he is ready. No waiting for the class to catch up. If he continues to complete his work correctly, He may be able to graduate in 2 or 3 years. (Depending on the speed of his pace).

That's what's going on with him.

Miah came home with a letter from school saying she can't return until she gets a vaccination she is missing. Luckily for me (and her) we got her up to date on her vaccines Thursday night at the night clinic. I just have to take a copy of her shot records to the school nurse.
This made Miah happy because she is not trying to miss school. She is proud of her perfect attendance. She has been a little sick but she wouldn't stay home.

Friday night we took the kids Trick or Treating and the kids weren't satisfied with the amount of candy they got. The kept wanting to hit up more houses. The next day, Miah and Devyn sorted the candy like civilized little kids. They divided ALL of it between the 3 of them and gave me the odd pieces.

Saturday Night.

Angel and I went on a date. My company had given me a $25 gift card for The Olive Garden AND since my company OWNS the Killer Bees Ice Hockey Team...we got free tickets and free T-shirts to see the game. It was Home Health Night and the majority of my co-workers were there.
When we first got to the Arena. A girl who works for the Arena came over and asked if we wanted to be the winners of the "Best Seats in the House". All we had to do was just stand there while she made her little speech and our faces were going to be on the Jumbotron. We were kind of embarrassed and we declined. She moved on.

LATER...she comes back and says she's going to give us a second chance but this time we would be featured as the Sweetest Couple...we didn't have to say anything, we won a dinner for 2 AND we got our faces plastered on the Jumbotron.

I also caught one of those shirts that they were throwing around. When I opened it fit Devyn.

We drank 1 beer each cause they were $6. I just can't buy expensive beer like that. The water bottle was $3.

We left at half-time cause it was already 9:30 and we were super tired and all the food we ate at the Olive Garden was putting us in a coma.

This is the mascot for the Killer Bees.

Either way...we had a good time.
Today's Gas Prices:

I wonder if it will get to $1.50???


The Nice One said...

WOW! THat's exciting gas price. Our prices seem to be just a bit behind yours. We're at 2.11 today. WhootWhoot!
Date nite sounds fun, way more than my date nite last night!
And that charter school sounds perfect, I know what it's like having a kid who is bored in son starts with the behavior probs when he's bored. Thank goodness we have a teacher this year who believes he's capable at performing above grade level and pushing him.

Moe Wanchuk said...

I Love Hockey...I'm guessing that's a Minor League team.

$6 for a beer....Jeeez that P*sses me off. It cost them 30 cents for that beer.

Prunella Jones said...

Dom sounds like a real smart kid which always makes sitting in class bored so frustrating. The charter school should be a better fit.