Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I HATE people who are self centered.
I HATE selfish people.
I HATE people that are so consumed with their own issues that they don't look at the real picture.

That being said...I'm pissed at my sister.

I called her yesterday to remind her that today is Miah's birthday (she's 9). I also reminded her that we will be having a little something for her this weekend and we wanted her daughter (our niece) to stay the night with Miah.
She told me that she has already told my niece all about it and that she was excited and that they already got Miah a present. Cool.

Here's the idiotic part. I also mentioned to my sister that one of my friends was coming to town this weekend too. You guys know her...Jenn.
As soon as I said that, my sister got quiet and then said..."ummmmm, I don't know about that."

See, the thing is that my sister and Jenn don't really get along. Actually, that's not true. My sister has ISSUES with Jenn. Jenn doesn't have a problem with my sister.

So, since I mentioned that my friend was going to be here this sister decided that her daughter wasn't going to come and spend Miah's birthday with her. That none of them were going to come.

I told her that this weekend isn't about her or Jenn, it's about Miah celebrating her birthday and spending it with her only girl cousin that is her age. She didn't care.
I told her that she needs get over whatever petty shit she is holding on to (which has been several years now and no one remembers what the hell the issue is about) but she told me "I DON'T FORGET."
She's willing to make the kids miss out on occasions because SHE HAS ISSUES.

HEY! She don't have to come. I can pick up my niece and that can be that but she doesn't want that either.

My sister has been isolating herself (and her family) from the rest of the family and only when she wants something does she want to interact.

My brother in NY doesn't talk to her because she can be petty and selfish and he doesn't have time to deal with it.

When I moved to the Valley, I told her and her boyfriend that I want our children to grow up together as a family because we have been living in different areas of Texas for so long. I want us to attend functions together and grow.

Obviously, her selfishness is more important.

It's as if she hasn't burned enough bridges.

One thing she doesn't realize....she's starting to burn this one.

I called my brother yesterday to vent and he listened. He called me 4 times yesterday to chat. I think he knows it's really bothering me.

What should I do?

I will post a more upbeat post later this week about Miah's day.


scargosun said...

Wow. I am really sorry that your sister is acting this way. It's really a shame that she is making your daughter's day about her. I think telling her, that your friend is coming and she can just deal with it is fine. It's not your fault she is acting this way. Even if you told Jenn not to come because you want your daughter to have fun with her cousin, what does that teach your daughter and her cousin, temper tantrums work? Probably not a good idea. You should probably at some point point her behaviour out to he so that she is aware you are not going to put up with it. I wish I had advice that could fix it before this weekend!

~Sheila~ said...

Thanks scargosun, the only thing is...Jenn has been one of my best friends for 11 yrs now. I told my sister that she will be attending lots of family functions because I DO consider her family and my sister told me that ANY functions that Jenn attends, they will not be attending. Also, she is "speaking" for her whole family even though they have nothing to do with her issues with Jenn. They are the ones that are suffering.

Capricorn said...

Wow. What a baby. Your sister, not you.

Andy said...

She needs to look past her own issues, that's for sure. There is probably a Lifetime movie on this topic starring Shelley Long or Raquel Welch.

Andy said...

Check out my latest post. It might put you in a good mood.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

It must be the mexican in her, my husband is the same way!

Dana said...

That's terrible that she's being so childish. It's not fair to ruin Miah's day like that. She sounds like she really just needs to grow up.