Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's the weekend...

And I'm sure no one wants to hear about Thanksgiving now that it is over. We all want to start on our Christmas posts..etc.

Well, tough titties!

Here's how my Thanksgiving went...

Wednesday Night:

My best friend Lisa and her husband Will came down from Houston for the weekend. They stopped by and we had a few drinks. My sister's family came by too.

Angel said he was "tired" and that he was just going to say "hello" to everyone and go straight to bed.


We all hung out and drank a few then we turned in for the night.

Angel was up longer than any one.

Thursday Morning:

I picked up my Mom and Dad EARLY because she was doing most of the cooking. My Dad likes to come over because he can sit at the computer all day. Well, when it came time to move some furniture around to make room for the tables, I disconnected the computer and we slid it over to the corner.

My dad was following me around the house asking when I was going to re-connect the computer and I told him that I wasn't going to today.

He got pissy after that.

Whatever. He didn't need to be on the computer all day with his back to everyone on a day like today.

Dom had made some ham for his brother and sister the other day and he decided he wanted to make ham for Thanksgiving.

Who was I to say NO?

Angel fried a turkey and my mom and I baked one in the oven.
Fry time: 43 min.

It was REALLY good. We usually fry one or two every year.

(no one focus on the gross looking part on the bottom of the turkey)

We had a ton of food (we still have a lot left over).

I ate and entertained for a brief period before I finally crashed out around ummm....4:30 and Angel woke me around 7:30. He had already put away the rest of the food in the containers I had bought and he left the dishes for me.

There were a TON of dishes!!

We had a good day.

How was yours?


Current gas prices around here:

It's getting closer to that $1.50 mark I was hoping for!!


Moe Wanchuk said...

My highlight of Thanksgiving was when my weinee dog bit my buddies bratty daughter. We told her 10 times to quit being rough with him.
He finally nipped her and she just Howled. Maybe I'm a jerk.....but it sure was funny.

Andy said...

Tough titties... hahaha

My family always has ham to go with turkey on Thanksgiving, so don't feel weird.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Our Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful. Mom cooked, we ate, I helped do the dishes.

I've never had fried Turkey we need to try that some time :O)