Thursday, November 6, 2008

What I have to listen to

We just finished watching Devyn play his first soccer game. (they lost 7-0) No biggie. The kids had a good time and they all ran off the field smiling. I decided to take the kids to eat at Stars (it's a drive-in).
On the way, Devyn was complaining that his stomach was hurting.

Dom: Devyn, is it hurting cause you have to make CACA?
Devyn: No.
Me: Do you feel like you have to throw-up?
Devyn: No.

Ok, so we get there and park. We are all looking at the menu trying to decide what we want.

Me: Devyn, look at the menu, figure out what you want.
Devyn: I have to use the restroom.
Me: #1 or #2
Devyn: #2
Me: Alright, guys..we have to go home. We'll come right back (Stars is just down the street from the house anyway)
Miah: Aww, man! Well that's good cause now I can eat my nachos cause I can smell all of that cheezy goodness. (she bought nachos at the game as soon as it was over and I don't allow them to eat anything in my truck).
Me: At least when we come back we can have more time to decide what we want.
Devyn: I didn't even get to decide what I wanted yet.
Miah: That's cause you can't think when you have to use it.
Dom: See Devyn, I told you you had to do #2.
Devyn: I didn't then.
Dom: That's cause you were in denial.

So now we're home and I am just finishing this blog as Devyn walks out of the restroom.

Back to Stars we go!


Andy said...

Youth soccer is always funny. No one really does anything except run around in circles.

scargosun said...

Denial...that was funny.