Monday, October 6, 2008

Exhausted.....need to exhale.

Well, I've had an eventful weekend.

I'm super exhausted. I actually had to drag my ass out of bed right now just to post.

Where to begin....


I worked then came home and ran some errands with my parents to help them get everything together so that they can move into their new place (any place that isn't my place is THEIR new place).

Oh yeah, let's not forget the whole toilet installing part of the day.

Angel was in Corpus, so as a favor, he brought my best friend Jenn back with him so she could come and hang out with me for the weekend. Her birthday was on the 1st and mine (and Angel's and our grandmother's) is on the 19th. They showed up around 8pm or so. He took off to his cousins house and she and I went to get drinks so that we could come back and start our marathon of HEROES season 2.

What do you think??? What should we get??

That's Jenn in the pic.

We passed out around 1:30am. That was the best we could do.


Devyn had his first real soccer practice that morning. I was supposed to go to Mexico for my follow-up at the dentist there but when his coach said that they were having practice at 9 am. I went ahead and put my visit on hold until later that after noon.

FYI: If any of you want to put your kids in soccer...bring them to the valley. The Mexican coaches here are hardcore. They have a hell of a conditioning program. Angel was in love with it.

We get to soccer practice and as soon as we get out of the car, the kids are running. We barely even parked and they were running 1 mile. Then they got started on all of the drills. More running.

I is RUNNING and it is crazy cause these are 7, 8 and 9 yr olds and they have practice for 3 hrs that mainly consists of running. Poor Devyn. He was sooooo worn out but he never gave up. He still wants to continue.

I told him that I will run that mile with him at every practice.

I hope I don't lie.

THEN..Nearing the end of that practice Angel tells me that his leg is bothering him right between his calf and his ankle. He is familiar with this pain and is thinking he might have to go to the hospital. He thinks it's another blood clot. Last time he got one (two in each leg) he was hospitalized because of it and we didn't know how close to death he actually was because if it had dislodged and traveled through his veins into is lungs..he would have died instantly.

Much like this poor guy, Matt. <---there are 2 links really should read both.

We now know that Angel has a blood disorder and his blood clots easily so he is on blood thinners for the rest of his life.

We went to the hospital and my friend Jenn stayed at the house with the kids. Angel was triaged and sent into a room to wait for the nurses and doctor to come and see him. I stayed with him the whole time.

The nurse came in to draw his blood and guess what she had on her little cart?


Okay...just look then...

Tada! Skulls! HA!

We hung out for a little while longer and then another person came in with the Doppler to check out his veins for any clots.

We got lucky. There were none.

Angel needs to stay off of his feet more. Okay...3 hrs after we arrived at the hospital, we were home. Angel crawled into the bed and crashed until the next day. Jenn and I hung out at my house with a couple of other girls and drank, pigged out and watched movies. Then my mom and dad showed up (mom was at bingo, of course, and Dad was at some bar...even though he doesn't drink or smoke..weirdo). I practically had to usher my dad out of the room because we were 4 women who just wanted to enjoy a movie with drinks and my dad was wanting to get on the computer and play checkers RIGHT NEXT TO THE TV. He kept saying "I ain't gonna bother nobody". UH...NO!

Finally we decided to call it a night. Jenn said she wanted to sleep on the floor (on a mattress) with the puppies.

HA HA HA HA....okay....

Jen has really pretty spirally curly hair see... (she's the one on the left)

The dogs LOVED that. They were snapping at her head and pulling on her curls with their teeth and jerking their heads back and forth while tugging. She was all curled up on the floor trying to pull her hair back to her head and letting out these little cries for help and I was on my bed peering over the side laughing my ass off.

HEY! She said she wanted to sleep with the dogs.

They did finally settle down and sleep with her, but that shit was hilarious. I even woke Angel up to tell him about it.


I swear, my mom can think of EVERYTHING for me to go to the store for. I was running errands most of the morning and get this....I still had to drive Jenn back to Corpus (2.5 hrs away) and come back the same day. I ran the errands and took Jenn back, got out at her house, said hello to everyone and got right back into the truck and drove back home. I was home by 7:30 pm.

Angel got a call from his Dad that they needed him to start work in Corpus the next day which meant that he was going to have to drive to corpus at 3am in order to start work on time. UGHH.


I ended up having to cancel all of my patients for today and reschedule them for Tuesday. Angel took my truck to work and left me with his because I needed to help my parents move all of their junk (it really is junk) from their storage into the new place that they are moving into. I also had to pull a trailer full of their junk in the process. I'm not the trailer puller. Angel is the trailer puller.

I had to do it. ALL DAY. We started at 9 am and didn't finish until 6pm.

At least I got my house back and my bed to myself without Angel being there to cocoon himself with my perfectly laid out blankets.



No..not that one....THIS:

Wait, not that one either....


That's right baby! I put gas for $2.87.

Wacha got?

P.S. Dom has another new post up. 2 actually.


Andy said...

2 freakin 87? Geez. Also- I love that your dad was busting in on your party, like you're 18 or something... And let me know if you get that fantasy poverty league going. I'm currently the president and MVP.

Veggie Mom said...

Hey...why is your gas so much less than ours? We're paying $3.59 out here! Thanks so much for coming by yesterday and participating in my SITS Featured Blogger Day in the Sun! Hope you come back again to visit soon.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Scott has had a blood clot also. He has ulcers all over his legs. He had a "valve transplant" in his leg which helped some but he's still got ulcers all over them.

Capricorn said...

1. In little mexico its not called Soccer, its called, futbol!
2. I paid 4.29 for gas this week, Im moving to mexicanville.
3. I hope you have life insurance on just sayin.
4. You and your husband have the same birthday? Weird.

The Nice One said...

What a CRAZY weekend. That gas price is AWESOME!! Whew! And, I may be headed your way to put my kids in that soccer program. That's great, you've got such intense coaches...that's what my kiddo needs.
Glad Angel is okay!

Cherlyn said...

I got gas last week for $3.56 a gallon. That was the cheapest I'd seen it in a while. I was excited.