Friday, October 3, 2008

Don't let my good looks fool you.

For the past few days, I didn't really have anything to blog about. I didn't want to keep blogging about my "babies" because you would all get bored of me talking about them (even though they are really pretty much potty trained and they know how to "sit", "stay" and "go lay down".

They are friggin awesome!

Well, yesterday, my Dad gave me a good reason to write.

See, people...I can do A LOT of things (courtesy of my dad). I can work on cars..changing my own oil, spark plugs, tires, thermostats and axles <--- I've actually done that one a few times. The one thing I didn't KNOW I could do was install a toilet. Here's what happened.... When I (and everyone else) are going to be leaving the house and the house is empty, I put the dogs in the restroom (for obvious reasons). I clear the floor and remove anything that the dogs can chew up. The one important thing I do is put a 10 lb weight on the toilet seat so that they can't stick their noses in and lift the seat to drink water all day and piss all over the restroom. Well, my Dad came home from running his errands and I had let the dogs out of the restroom. He went to use the restroom and lifted the weight from the toilet and accidentally dropped it. (He is getting weaker in his age). It landed right between the tank and the seat. I was in my room and I heard a "thunk" but I didn't think anything of it. I figured he just dropped the weight on the floor. Then I hear him shuffling around. I hear this knock on my door and he asked for the mop. I got up and he started explaining what had happened. I went to look and knew instantly that we were going to need a new toilet.
The bowl was cracked and when you flushed, water just poured out onto the floor. DAMN!

I went online to look up the prices for a new toilet.
Too much.

I had to call Angel because he was in Corpus getting his arthritis medicine. I told him what happened and he reminded me that there was another toilet in our shed. I went and looked at it because I was thinking "who am I going to get to come over and change this for me?"

I started examining it looking at what all needed to be disconnected before it could be transported from one place to another. I started unhooking this and that and once I got started...I couldn't stop.

The only thing is...this is during my lunch break. So I ended up have to clean up and change my scrubs and go back to work. When I finished work I changed into some "work clothes" and got to it.
I did it people. All by my lonesome.

I had to carry each of them to their new places. The cracked one I put outside so that Angel can get rid of it when he comes home.

Question: Does anyone know how much a toilet weighs???

Answer: A whole hell of a lot!

Angel was gone (he wouldn't have been able to do much anyway besides bark orders at me because of his arthritis), my Dad couldn't help much (he WAS there to bark orders) because he has Congestive Heart Failure and would get out of breath just bending down and my mom was keeping the kids (and dogs) at away.

This is not the highlight of my life, but it sure feels good to know I spent a total of $10 (for parts) on this whole project. Maybe I should call Mike Rowe and tell him about my DIRTY JOB.

(pay no attention to the floor, keep in mind that my mother in law gave us this house so it is still a work in progress...guess I'll be putting in new tiles too)

So I can add UNINSTALLING and INSTALLING a toilet to my list of many skills.

I can honestly say....I am the SH!T!

P.S. Dom posted a little about it too.


Capricorn said...

Dom wants me to allow him into my private blog, is that okay? Because you know..its a bit adult oriented. So I am totally asking you first.

~Sheila~ said...

Sure, that's fine. I will be monitoring him anyway and not let him REPEAT anything anyway.

Thanks for asking.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow you are nuts! You go girl!

honkeie2 said...

You are the shit that can fix a shitter! Awesome work!
Hey capricorn, I love adult oriented sites....can i come and play too?

Dana said...

Damn girl! You're awesome! Seriously, toilets are SO heavy! Good for you doin it all on your own. You ROCK!

Superwoman said...


Love it. I'm exactly like this, loving when I can do things on my own. Way to do it for yourself!

Makes me feel like I need to teach myself something neat and important...