Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My New Babies..

...are exactly that. Babies.

The only thing is...I am honestly, seriously considering changing their names to PISSY and SHITTY.

That's all they do. Eat. Drink. Play. Shit and Piss and Sleep (not necessarily in that order). Oh wait, I forgot...WHINE. They do. At least it isn't all night. They sleep most of the night but around 2 or 3 am they start to whine because they want to go out. That's a good thing cause I would prefer that they whine to go out than not and just mess all over.

It's working out really well with Angel here not working. I can go to work and he can stay home with "the babies". He also gets up with them in the middle of the night and sits outside with them while they go. I told him that it's an even trade. I had been the one to get up with Miah and Devyn when they were babies in the middle of the night because I wasn't working at all back then.

I still love them though. They are Awesome.

So here's the family inventory:

3 kids (4 if you count my husband)
2 hamsters
2 puppies
1 gerbil
1 cat

Oh yeah...and 2 parents until Friday.

I'd say I have a house full.

Dom is up to his old tricks again.

I was at work and his Math Teacher called me and told me that he hasn't been doing his work. He got 3 zeros for some work he never turned in (I found the incomplete papers in his binder) and he got a 37 on his 6 week exam.


So....I don't know if any of you remember this post or this one?

We have this agreement that as long as he keeps his grades up and behaves in school that he can dress however he wants and can have his hair as long as he wants.

Once again...

He gets his report card on Thursday.


I am preparing for my return trip to MEXICO this Sat. morning. (Yes, Angel goes with me and is my translator..otherwise I will just be sitting there grinning at everyone and nodding yes to whatever they said). I am making a list of what I want to bring back since I get paid on Friday.

None of it includes Vicoden though...Or Roids..OR Medicinal Mary-Jane...GUYS!

And obviously that boneless girl on Dom's blog IS a little mesmerizing and I'm not just saying that cause I'M A GIRL.


Capricorn said...

Id totally do the boneless chick on Doms page because..well..shes so flexible!
I give it a month and you will be short 2 smaller pets because your 'babies' will eat them.

~Sheila~ said...

I'm hoping (and gave strict orders) that the kids on't let the pups anywhere near the hamsters or gerbil. I am a little worried seeing as curiousity got the best of me with testing the cat with the rodents.

The Nice One said...

I seriously have no desire to have puppies again. They were harder than kids.

Diva Ma said...

"the babies" are adorable. and you are a brave lady to take on two at a time. I hated training my one!

Veggie Mom said...

Totally agree with you on the Hubz being the additional "baby." Especially when he's sick! Poor Baby!!

Moe Wanchuk said...

If my kid didnt do his work, I'd go bananas. How do we get it through to these kids that Education is the only way make it anymore?

No Education=No Life anymore. It's just a fact.

honkeie2 said...

I have plans to make my kids wear pink pj's to skool of they screw up or down! And I am in the same boat with capricorn on the boneless girl thing. But the only problem I might find is resisting the urge to throw her down a flight of bubble stairs to see how see lands.

Superwoman said...

Your babies make me want my little baby back...I miss her.

Your family keeps getting bigger and bigger! Love it.