Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have been in agony for the past few months.

I went to the dentist when I lived in Corpus and he put a filling in my tooth. He said I needed it. Then, a few days later, my tooth started to hurt when I would drink something cold. It got progressively worse and was at the point were I had to drink EVERYTHING through a straw and even then, if any of the fluid I drank touched that tooth, it hurt like hell. got to the point where regular room temperature liquid was killing me.

Turns out...the dentist drilled too close to the nerve where he put the filling in and it messed me up big time.

Finally. Yesterday. I got it taken care of.

I went to the dentist in Mexico.

I know..I know.

You guys are probably shitting yourselves right now thinking...MEXICO???

Why would you go to MEXICO??

Well...cause it's cheap AND 15 min away from me AND I didn't have to make an appointment AND I could get it done on a Saturday.

$10 for an X-ray
$35 for a temp. filling

BAM! Back on the street drinking Dos Equis with salt and lime within the hour.

Now I'm running around taking advantage of the fact that I can drink anything I want without worry. I do have to go back next week to have a perm filling put in or get it checked out but whatev. I could bring back a bottle if I want.

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! my (and Angel's and my grandmother's) birthday isn't until Oct 19th but who cares. I got my present already.

Check it out....

Not one...but TWO Red Doberman Pinchers puppies. Two months old.

They are super cute. We named them Venus and Serena (Angel's idea).

I tried to tell Angel that they were both of our birthday presents but he said "Nuh uh, they are YOUR presents". Which means that he is still on his Bronco kick.

Who cares??? I got new babies!!!



That little "ITEM" Dom has on the bottom of his blog is a little creepy. I'm gonna have to have a little talk with him about it. If you are wondering what it have to click on the girl and drag her out of whatever position she is stuck in and let her fall. She will keep falling until she get's stuck again.



Mom Taxi Julie said...

Sheesh wish we lived closer to Mexico! I spent a couple grand on Melissa's mouth and she still needs to go back one more time.

Cherlyn said...

Those puppies are adorable! I want one!

Cyn said...

luckily I have not needed some torture from the dentist since, well.... i had my baby teeth. just simple cleanings for me. i love Crest. The pups are cute, i need to go see them. And uh, yea, that thing on dom's blog is pretty creepy. I kinda played with it for a while. lol

Superwoman said...


That dentist put something in your funny gas to make you CRAZY! Woman you got 3 kids and a hamster (and other stuff?) and now two puppies?

You are amazing or out of your gourd. =)

Superwoman said...

P.S. Dom's blog CRACKS me up. Ahh to be 13 again...

Moe Wanchuk said...

I LOVE dobermans

My sister had one...Meanest looking dog ever and he wouldn't hurt a fly. Nicest, coolest pet ever.

honkeie2 said...

I totally go to Mexico to get work done. Then stop by the pharamcy and get me some roids and some medical Mary-Jane ha!

Capricorn said...

I like Doms thing. Its not creepy, its friggin ingenious. And funny. I dont expect you to understand, your a girl.
Mexico dentistry....only good because you can buy mass quantities of vicodin, over the counter,for pennies on the dollar.
2 puppies? Seriously? Good luck with THAT.

Mom2FiveBratz said...

Does your husband speak spanish and did you have to bring him along as a translator? (I know this maneuver well, my husband is my translator)

The Nice One said...

Ooooh I love love your Puppies! So cute! Fun names!
Okay, Mexico, whoa! That's wicked!