Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's been a long weekend

Angel has been in El Paso.
He is going to come home tonight. I told him that he was just wasting his time there because he gets sent home and can not complete a full work shift when it rains. Also, they get ahead of schedule and he gets sent home.
He was starting to get depressed and I didn't want that with him being away from home.
He's going to look for work closer to home and his Dad is going to see about getting him work back in Corpus.
He'll be happy in corpus even if it's away from us because he will be able to fish like he likes to.

I went out with my sister in law and her husband on Friday night. We had a good time and the good thing was I was home by 12:30. That's my kind of night.

The next day, The kids and I went to their house because it was my nephew's birthday. We had a good time then too. Drank a few beers, ate some food and conversed. My sister in law is off next weekend so I think we will be doing some hanging out then too. Angel will be here so I KNOW there will be some Q-ing happening.

It's good to be home.

Speaking of home...My parents have come up with a million and one reasons why they can't come and stay at my house every night. They still have a crap-load of junk in their yard and my dad is worried that someone will steal it. WHATEVER!! It's JUNK. He needs to just put a sign on it that says "FOR STEAL".
Honestly,'s scrap metal, bicycle parts, car doors (he doesn't even have the car that goes to the door), lawnmower and weed eater parts, etc. His yard was an exact replica of Sanford and Son's yard.

I spoke to my Aunt in NY and she and my Uncle had a "meeting" about my parents. They decided that when my Mom and Dad go up to NY to visit my brother, they will be moving to North Carolina to stay for good. My Uncle is going to give them a place to live. I'm happy. I love my parents and all but I'm in no position to try to take care of 2 adults when I am trying to get my family life situated. They will be happy there.

I am preparing myself for another week of work. IT'S A BREEZE.

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Anonymous said...

I completely understand about the parents- Mine are afraid to leave their house too-
and they really do get things stolen- except it's not junk- Cars, weedeaters, lawnmowers, etc...
I wish they would move, but they won't!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

It's funny (and sad sometimes) what people can't part with.

honkeie2 said...

I am trying my hardest not to become like my inlaws and so many other people and their junk. I am always throwing stuff out t avoid the 'garage of junk with no car'