Thursday, September 4, 2008

I think I got biofreeze in my eye least on my lower eye lid.

My last patient (err...actually I only had 2 patients to treat today so it's also my 2nd patient) required biofreeze during her treatment to her shoulders.

No problem. That is one of the reasons I carry gloves. I put them on, did the deed and washed my hands afterward.

I'm not so sure of the integrity of these gloves.

Unless, I'm getting a stye.

That could be the case. Why do we get styes?

Ughhhh...Nooooo. I hope I'm not getting one.

The kids and I have been feeling sick lately. I don't know what it is. Is it the house?

Some funky stuff has been going on around here.


This one night, I was making the rounds through the house checking on each of the kids and I noticed that Devyn might be cold. I went into another room and got a blanket for him. I covered him and went back to bed. I was sound asleep so later when I hear Devyn calling out to me about being cold, I thought..what tha fuck?
I got up, went to his room and started feeling around for the blanket I placed on him earlier (the light was off). It wasn't on the bed. Then I started feeling on the floor for it. Not there.
I gave up and told Devyn to cover his eyes cause I was going to turn on the light. When I did, I saw the blanket on a chest far north of his head where he wouldn't have been able to place it.


So that morning, when I woke the kids for school, I asked Dom and Miah about if they had moved the blanket or picked it up from the floor.
They didn't know anything about it.

Anyway. Something creepy is going on in this house.

BTW, I went and picked up the kids from school JUST NOW and went to my grandmother's cause she told me she had food and the kids wanted to see her ....(breathe in/breathe out) and..... my eye started feeling better.

It's not a stye.

Thank God! I googled it and was worried that you guys were going to think I was running around with some disease in my eye. Of course, a stye is not a disease.

But still.....


Must have been biofreeze afterall.

(damn...I think I need to continue my meds)


Cherlyn said...

Ooooh your house is haunted!

I got perm solution in my eye once. That stuff burns!

Capricorn said...

1. your house is deffinately haunted. I lived in one of those when i was a kid. I got stories.
2. sounds like you have mold in your house. not good. it will make you and your kids sick. I lived in a house like that too.