Saturday, September 6, 2008

Awful Weekend

Angel had gone back to El Paso and hopefully he will be working with the company closer to home within this month.

Dom was sick on Friday so I didn't send him to school and then the school called me asking why he was out and to make sure that he has an excuse when he goes back to school or he wouldn't be allowed back.


So, I had to go and find a Doctor who would see him as a new patient so that we could get an excuse.

Last night my mother in law wanted to keep Miah and Devyn for the night so they could stay the night with their nephew. Dom and I were by ourselves at the house.

Guess what happened...

He had Devyn's hamster in my room (even though I don't want them in my room) and he had it on my bed (that isn't allowed either) and he got up to get the remote and got back on the bed and squashed the poor little thing.

It's dead.

I was so sad.

The poor little dear.

We cried and had trouble sleeping.

Then next day we went to Petsmart and bought another one to replace it (I know..there is no replacing a life) but I was still feeling horrible because there was nothing I could do to help it.

Devyn is 7. We gave him the new hamster and told him what happened and he was still nonchalant.

Also, I am sick.

Feeling pretty crappy. I can't sleep because my throat hurts and I am getting a fever. My nose is runny and it all sucks.

I got some penicillin from my uncle and took some theraflu and hopefully I will make it through the night.


Moe Wanchuk said...

Get Better young lady!

~Sheila~ said...


Awww, Thanks, you called me young.
I feel better already.

Capricorn said...

hamster murderer.

and the photo....pow chicka wow wow.