Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Goin Muddin...BRB

Yesterday, It was raining...HARD.

I had to go to a patient's house way out in the boonies. I was worried because I knew that the man's driveway was really muddy. They had just recently laid caliche in the driveway so that no one would get stuck (including themselves) while trying to get to the house.

I wasn't sure if my little work car would make it out there and I didn't know if I wanted to take my 4Runner.

Since Angel was here, he offered to drive me out there since he has 4 wheel drive. We were totally bragging to each other about how there's no way we would get stuck.

"Hell Yeah....4 wheel drive, my company should give out 4 wheel drive vehicles for times like these."

Cool. Off we go.

We make it out there and drive straight down the driveway with no problem. I treat my patient while Angel waits in the truck and drinks his coffee. I finish and come out and we are ready to go.

He backs up and positions himself to turn around and GUESS WHAT....?

He drives right off of the caliche onto the grass....which is OVER the septic tank.


We had to call my brother in law to come and pull us out.
Angel and I stood out there in the rain wearing our ponchos and having a good laugh.

Talk about quality time.


honkeie2 said...

Wait, does that mean he drove his truck in someone's pooper catcher?

Mom2FiveBratz said... times.

My husband is back at work, ive enough 'bonding' time with him to last a lifetime. lol.

Anonymous said...

I luv some mud ridin- but not getting stuck- that's a bummer!