Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm glad that...

1) My kids listen to me and know that 'mommy is the boss' (even when Daddy is here)
2) My kids don't wet the bed anymore (Miah just wandered over to me cause she woke up and had to pee and it's 5:35am)
3) My kids do their homework most of the time without me having to get after them (well, I still have to question DOM about it...sometimes)
4) At least 2 out of 3 of my kids like to read (DOM especially)
5) Angel may be coming to work closer to home (even though he is a big mess maker)
6) I moved the DVR to my bedroom (cause I hate sitting in the living room while the kids are watching cartoon network waiting for my time to watch something)
7) My job is super easy (I am actually working 3-4 hrs out of the whole day for a whole days pay...shhhhh)

There's more glads but that involves lots of foods and naps so we won't be listing those.


Diva Ma said...

I would be GLAD if my kids cam home and did their homework. I mean come one! They know it has to be done and they know that I'm goin to yell when they don't do it. Just DO IT already!

The Nice One said...

Wow, you're lucky. I have one of those "not home a whole lot" husbands, and when he does get home, the kids just stop listening to me and follow daddy around like a little lost puppy.

You're a lucky momma!

Capricorn said...

you called me petite. are you fuckin kiddin me.