Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Going back to work

Tomorrow. *sigh*

I totally enjoyed my sick days off. Even though I was sick through them. I have some making up to do because the patients that I didn't get to treat get pushed to these next 3 days.

My parents come tomorrow night. In a way I am eager for them to come so that they can be done with all of that packing that they are doing ( and they can get over here and get to work cleaning and doing laundry....hee hee.....kidding) and in another way, I am worried about my privacy.

About my DAD......he is a very stubborn black man. Trying to rationalize with him is like trying to talk to a wall. Getting him to go to the Dr. when something is wrong is very hard. Awhile back, he wasn't doing so good. He has diabetes, congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. I also think that his kidneys are slowly shutting down. One day he was obviously not doing well and my mom was getting ready to fly to NY to visit my brother. I was living in Corpus at the time and couldn't come by and check on him daily. My sister lives in the same town but is pretty unreliable when it comes to these things.

Well, I had to call my brother and tell him that Mom couldn't go unless Dad went too. My brother agreed and said he would set up Dad to see some good Doctors there in NY. Dad decided he didn't need to go anywhere and that he was fine. He was NOT fine. His legs were swelling and he couldn't walk 20 feet without losing his breath.
He started arguing with me and I had to be the voice of reason.

I put my foot down.

I told him that if he didn't go and see the doctors there that I was going to put him in a nursing home. He has military insurance so he has really good coverage and if he wasn't going to use it to get the medical attention that he needs then I will use it for round the clock patient care in a nursing home. I assured him that THAT isn't what he would want. I reminded him that I work(ed) in a nursing home and I see how the patients that get put in them literally just disappear into themselves and become lonely because the family doesn't have time to visit them.

He looked at me and knew I meant business.

A week later he flew to NY.

It was a scare tactic but it worked.

Would I have actually put my Dad in a nursing home? NO, of course not. I had to threaten him because I know how stubborn he is.

I also reminded him that he raised us so we picked up his stubbornness and I wasn't going to budge on my decision.

He's doing much better now.

My parents are only going to be with me for a month because they are flying to NY again to see my brother for a few months.

He's going to hate it here with me. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant and I know EXACTLY what he needs to do to help him manage his condition(s).

Before, when I would just visit I would tell him what he needed to do daily and he would just nod and say "okay" but I knew it was going in one ear and out the other.

BUT NOW...he is going to be under MY roof and I can monitor his eating habits and make sure he does what he needs. Plus I have equipment for his daily exercises.

He's not getting out of it so easily this time.

Welcome home, DADDY!

Okay, I got DOM his violin. These people almost pissed me off. They were so confusing when it came to the payment options and plans. I had to ask a million questions to figure out exactly what was going on and how much I was going to pay.

Either way, I got Dom a brand new violin. He's been playing for about 2-3 yrs. His orchestra teacher was excited to get him in class and hear him because he is really good and just needed to be tweaked on his technique.
I think it's a good investment and I would do it for any of my kids.

Miah wants a snake. .............I think we will stick to the hamsters right now.


Cyn said...

Ummm. dont snakes eat hamsters? lol. as for your dad... enough said. i bet he'll be counting down the day till he can go to NY with your brother. glad your feeling better and thanks for dropping off my glasses, if you didnt, they they magically appeared.

Capricorn said...

snakes? ewe.
ive eaten one before though.

and without sounding over dramatic, id kill myself before i let my momma move in with me.