Thursday, October 30, 2008

Translation PLEASE!

So, yesterday morning, I was sitting in my kitchen calling my patients to confirm therapy times. My mom and dad were here with me because I had picked them up to stay at the house in case Miah's school called and she needed to be picked up. She hasn't been feeling well and I knew I would be all over the place so I needed someone here to pick her up (the school is around the corner from my house).
Anyway, most of my patients speak spanish and my spanish really isn't all that good. I know enough to get info that I need or relay info about therapy but once they start going on and on thinking that I know spanish...I get lost.

I'm on the phone with a patient.
I'm asking them: "Quieres therapia a las doce?"
Their reply: "No, Quiero therapia mas tarde."
My replay to that: "No puedo porque mas paciones en la tarde."
Their reply: "Oh, se quieres therapia a las doce"

Great, conversation over and we hang up the phone.
Okay...simple enough..right?

My mom is sitting there laughing at me.
My mom is Hispanic so she is fluent in spanish so I could easily just hand her the phone and let her conversate with them. I choose not to do this because I would really like to learn how to communicate with my patients on my own.
I ask her what is so funny.

She translates my convo for me:

Me: Do you want therapy at 12?
Them: No, later on.
Me: I can't because I have more PASSION later.
Them: Oh ok, yes I want therapy at 12.

You see my problem here, folks?

Apparently I confused the spanish word PACIONES with PACIENTES.
Pacientes means patients.
Paciones means passion.

No wonder they were so quick to agree.


scargosun said...

I can read and understand Spanish pretty well so I WAS wondering what that was all about. :) I wonder what your patient will be expecting. Hmmmm

Capricorn said...


Im not telling about my conversation in mexico at a bar. no way.
lets just say, it was similiar.

Cherlyn said...


Erin The Great said...

I think that patient is going to be sourly dissapointed :)

Moe Wanchuk said...

That's better than me.....I didnt even know when Cinco de Mayo was.