Saturday, November 21, 2009

Major Update...Sorry so long..

My goodness people. Ya'll are gonna be mad at me for this long post instead of breaking it down in little posts...but, Oh well. (you can take naps in between if you like)...

I'm going to play a real quick game of "catch-up" for you starting with My birthday. Of course this was Angel's B-day too. We lost a our grandmother shortly before so we really weren't in the mood for celebrating. Our grandmother also shared the same birthday with us and it just didn't feel the same. We miss her and will always love her.

The next event was Halloween.

Dom, being Dom, didn't have the grades to allow him to participate in Halloween festivities this year.

In this pic, Miah and Devyn were in costume. Miah was a punk-rock princess and Devyn...Dracula. Devyn was Dracula last year. He's so easy to please...

Miah has the lashes, earrings (which are actually mine) and the fake nails. 1/3 through the night, the lashes had to go, the nails were popping off and I was pocketing my earrings so they didn't get lost.

Onyx decided to warm up some of the Halloween decorations before we put them out.

Dom is on top of the roof helping with the set-up.

I don't know who is buried here but I sure hope their decaying bodies fertilize my yard. I need grass BAD!

Naturally, Dom always finds a way to participate. The clothes...not a costume, he dresses like that normally.

OK, here I am. I know I look DRUNK but believe me, I'm not (yet). Gorilla Boy wanted to get his paws on my camera and there was a little bit of a struggle ( WHAT?! I thought he was going to run off with it!)

When I finally came to my senses and realized what he wanted..this was the result. WE FRICKIN LOOK LIKE TWINS!!! ughhhh!

Moving on...

The next event was Miah's 10th Birthday. She wanted a slumber party instead of a full blown-out party. Her our command.

I bought Miah about 20 invitations to give to her classmates.
THANK GOODNESS...only about 6 or 7 girls showed up. See folks! It's the effort that counts!

Girls played on the computer....

Some played on the Wii...

Cousin Sadie was Chillin!!

I figured the girls would settle down around 10pm after we made this whole set-up in my living room.

Popcorn, juices, candy, blankets, pillows, couch cushions, air mattresses and rowdy girls....not a good combination!!!

Stop watching me!! Watch the movie so I can get sneaky pics!!

PEOPLE! This is the scene AFTER the girls were running around at 4 am like Banshees AFTER the movie was over. This is at 6 am. Some of the poor girls didn't make it to their spots.

Early moring cleaning. Miah was informed that whatever mess was left after the girls left..she was going to have to clean. She told the girls to HOP TO IT!

In the morning...there was cake and Ice cream for breakfast.

What??! These children will go home happy and full of life after this slumber party!
Their parents will thank me for it later...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL! (even though you did decide to cut your own bangs!)

Dom (because of his grades) has been spending some time in the doghouse. But it's all good. He's doing his best to bring them up and we are rooting for him.
Devyn # 17
Devyn has been doing AWESOME in football. At the beginning he wasn't feeling it because he was getting hurt and because since he is so small, they had him as receiver, kickoff return and corner. Now he's playing Kickoff, kickoff return, receiver and corner.
He's loving it.
Their team hasn't won any games because the team is mainly made up of 1st year players. The coaches are highschool graduates. They are doing a great job with handling the kids. (even though some parents don't think so) I know that everytime Devyn walks off of the field he tells me "I had a great game." or "I had a great practice."
Him telling those words is all I need to hear.

Alright folks, that is the update so far. Tonight I am going to watch the UFC 106 fight with my best friend (Angel) and a few friends of ours here at the house. Drink a few (maybe more than a few) beers, there's gonna be BBQ wings and maybe even some Fajitas (for those of you fajita lovers).
For now, I leave you with Miah.
She's gonna be busy harvesting my crops on Farmville for me.


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

damn yall went all out of halloween. should have had dom hide in one of the graves and jump out when ppl came over. lol.

tell devyn not to feel bad. i'm small & i'm a wide receiver and i be KILLING THEM. lol. hopefully they'll win a game or two before the easeon is out.

so glad you've escaped farmville and blogged a little for us.

~Sheila~ said...

We usually go all out of Holidays (this tradition is courtesy of my mother). I like to make sure my kids have memories to last a lifetime. I want my childrent to enjoy holidays as much as I did and pass it on to their families.
It's one of the best gifts I can give them.

Devyn is feeling pretty good about himself and his skills. He's still just happy playing (he'll be happier when the season is over). He and Miah are anxious to get started in Baskeball.

I'm trying to get back here man...I'm trying!