Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quick Update

So...I'm back again.

I know. I'm such a shit for leaving you guys high and dry. I know you guys must be in withdrawal and have no idea what to do without your frequent fix of Sheila.

Yeah, sorry.

Anyway, I won't be posting any pictures at this time because I got a new laptop and I have nothing saved on it yet. (and when I say NEW, I mean NEW) THANKS MOM!!!!

Only thing's taking me a long time to write this post because I'm not used to using a laptop and my fingers keep tapping the other keys. BACKSPACE..BACKSPACE...BACKSPACE...

also, I have my new kitten, Onyx, who loves to walk across my keyboard while I'm in bed trying to play games on facebook (yeah, I'm still with that). update...


The kids had a good time (with the exception of Dom, he is failing too many classes to participate in the Halloween festivities). I'm a little bit disappointed because we only rounded one block and barely got any candy. This Halloween BLOWS! We did go to a friend's party so that was fun. I usually like to carve a pumpkin and I HAD one all set up with the holes punched out but time ran out on me and I didn't get to do it. Angel attempted to help me out but he started cutting and then it started to fall apart. It was time to trash it because it didn't look like the Mummy it was supposed to.
These are the previous year's pumpkins.


Miah just turned 10 on Thursday!!! WHOO HOOO!
I'm so excited. My little girl is growing up. We didn't give her a big party or anything. She is requesting a Slumber party so that is whats in store for her tonight. I will try to take and post pictures for her because I hate to miss a B-Day post. I will actually have to get my lazy ass out of bed and to my regular computer to get those pictures. IT WILL BE DONE!

I'm making a change in my job from full-time to part-time because I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. In home health, I am supposed to be able to work on my schedule but it wasn't working out that way. My main focus is on the kids right now because I don't really have anyone here to help so my worry factor has increased dramatically. Angel may be sent to New Orleans early next year so I will be alone with the kids...again.
Don't worry, I'm used to it. I just need the time to make sure my home life is situated before I dedicate my all to work.

I'll be back (in between harvesting my crops on Farmville and kissing people on Yoville).

I need to make stops at every one's blogs because I feel like such an awful bloggy friend. If you come on farmville, I will definitely fertilize your crops for you!!!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Is Dom in the new school now? I can't remember. Hope his grades pick up :(

Thanks for the love on Farmville :)

Cyn said...

Hurry and post pics of the slumber party. I either blog alot or you hadn't read them in a long time lol. I was like, WHOA! at how far back you left comments lol

Lora said...

welcome back!
the funny thing about the internet is that it waits for you, so take your time, we'll be here!

Beyond Danielle said...

hey I play on farmville and yoville too.

But I was kinda like where's Sheila I miss her comments and family stories and not to mention your not on twitter anymore either

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

need to crack that whip on Dom, you worked too hard to get him in that school.

i'm also mad you find time to be on facebook playing farmville, yet you have been ghost on blogville & twitter. *smh*..10 demerits for you