Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What happens if you overdose on...


You have all seen the commercials, Right?
Brooke Shields advertising a medication to help you grow longer, thicker eyelashes.
I don't know about you guys but there are some things I am a little bit skeptical about, especially when it comes to putting stuff near my eyes.

I'm not so sure about the potency of some medications. How do you actually know that the dosage is correct for you? What if you are accidentally putting on double the dose or even triple the dose?

Nuh, Uh....Not me people. I refuse to end up like this:


Angel says that when he sees those commercials, he automatically thinks of Mr. Snuffleupagus
I think I am content with the lashes I have...thankyouverymuch...


Now, on to the reason for this post.

Danielle over at A Matter of Time; Don't try this on your own has gotten on me because I have been neglecting my blog.


I have been addicted to facebook like a crack addict. Who can blame me? I've gotten in touch with so many people from my past as well as those many friends I have met recently. I'm in constant contact with my distant family.

I'm back though. Christmas is just around the corner and I'm super excited. The kids have already written a long list of demands gifts they would like. Let me tell you, these kids know how to make a list.

I went shopping for a few of the things and when I got back, they constantly asked about what I bought them. Sheesh....these kids have no faith in Santa. I ended up telling them that I had to rob Santa in order to get some of the items on their lists. They wanted to know what I robbed Santa of.....honestly.


Devyn finished his last football game a couple of Saturdays ago.

The coaches had a party for the team at Peter Piper Pizza. The kids had a great time, I ate a lot of pizza and then I came home to watch UFC 107 with Angel.

That was the point in time when Devyn came over to us and sat on the couch and said,"I've made my decision..."

THAT was the point in time when I paused the TV and made Angel hold off on watching the rest of the fight.....without me.

Devyn had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the answer.

He was unsure of whether he wanted to continue playing football next year because of how much contact there was for his little frame....but he has come to a decision...

He IS going to play next year.


I'm excited about his future athletic "career".

Miah and Devyn will both be playing Basketball soon so be prepared for those updates and pics on here.

They are both attending Sunday school with Devyn's former football coach as their teacher. How awesome is that?!

Dom is up to his usual self when it comes to school and disobedience. I wish there was a positive roll model who would be willing to take him under their wing and show him that peace comes with completing your school work.

Unfortunately, as much as I try to drill this into his dice.

We'll keep trying. We always will.

That's it for now..I will be back to keep you updated. If it seems like I'm taking too long...come over to facebook and give me a good swift kick in the ass!


Beyond Danielle said...

This post made my damn day! Who told these kids Santa is not real. And you would think that if they knew he ws fake they wouldn't DEMAND so much stuff. But you can't win with them. Yay for football. Ond day I better here all three of you kids being professional somebodies.

~Sheila~ said...

Good! I'm glad you were uplifted. These kids know all these fairy tale people are fake but I still refer to them. The tooth fairy was broke last time. I tried to explain to the kids not to get mad at me...She's the one who's broke!!
I plan on my kids ALREADY being professional somebodies!