Friday, December 25, 2009


So...I've been really busy these past few days/weeks. I've really been stressing over Christmas for the kids and the family.

I like buying gift bags at this particular store because they are super CHEAP! I'm talking 25 and 50 cent super large gift bags. I'm a sucker for easy wrapping even if it means sticking gifts in a bag and handing them off to someone.

Well, as I was heading to my favorite store, I'm pulling out of this parking lot and get into the right side of the exit (to turn right). Another car pulls up to the left side of me and it appears to be going to turn to the left. This car did NOT have a signal light to let me know. All of a sudden, this car starts going forward a little bit and then....turns to the RIGHT!!!

Right into the left front bumper of my truck. The car keeps driving and ultimately scrapes the whole right side of the car with this looooong line of damage left from my vehicle.....and then....keeps driving.


This person turns into a road and then immediately makes a U-turn I guess to try to shake me off. When this person saw me pull right up beside HER and motion for her to PULL HER ASS OVER, she was PISSED!

She pulled over and got out of her car, looked at her damage, came over and looked at my damage and starated cussing ME out! This girl was very hostile. She was waving her hands in the air and yelling all kinds of obscenities at me as well as throwing the "N" word around a few times. She starts yelling to me, "GIVE ME YOUR INFO SO I CAN GO HOME!"


I told her we were going to call the police, and I did.

She tried to lie to the cops about how the incident happened but he knew she was a crazy bioooch lying.

I've submitted my claim but I have to wait for after the holidays in order for this to get settled.

Here's the damage:

Now, How was everyone's Christmas??

My kids are pretty happy with what they got.

Angel took on the responsibility of getting the kids some of their presents. Guess what Santa Daddy got them? Gaming Chairs. They hook up to the game system or their MP3 players and they have built in speakers. Poor Dom, the one he chose didn't work so Angel has to take it back and get a new one but Miah's has some pretty loud speakers.

The Boys got some Ripstick Gs and All the kids are receiving new bikes.


What did I get?

Oh, let me show you...



I actually love it! For those of you who know me and the fact that I am always complaining about going camping/fishing/to the beach, you know that I am not comfortable if I have to go and squat in the bushes/dunes/in the water <---just kidding (am I?)

Angel saw it and knew it was for me!

That's LOVE!

That's not all my soulmate got for me!

Check this out!!!.....

It is soooo big I couldn't fit the whole thing on my camera for the picture.

I mean,'s HUGE!











Okay, maybe, I overexaggerated a tad.

Not quite as enormous as I made it out to be but still. It's for the kitchen. I was cooking one day and ..... (yes, I said ONE DAY) I was missing a show I wanted to watch during that time. We started talking about how we could "benefit" from a TV right there in the kitchen and BAM!! The decision was made.
It's only a 15 inch but I really don't need a massive one crowding my counter.

Miah and Devyn got their snuggies and they are super happy campers!

We spent quality time with family who drove in from different areas of Texas so we are feeling please and blessed to be loved.



Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh my God I can't believe that crazy bitch kept driving!! Did you tell the cops she didn't stop? Hit and run baby!!

Totally LOL'd about the toilet. hahaha

I need a TV in my room. As soon as we take out that sliding door and put in a wall I want a big flat screen for it!

Beyond Danielle said...

the truck doesn't look so bad. I can't believe she was like that though. And I so proad you restrained from smacking her.

Love your x-mas story. And your big screen lol

Andy said...

I had a somewhat similar thing happen to me before. The guy rearended me. He apologized at first, and told the cop it was his fault... and then told the insurance company I had cut in front of him!
It got straightened out, since the cop said it was the guy's fault...

Happy new year...